#JustLikeSonam: These 7 Braid Accessories Will Transform Your Average Plait

#JustLikeSonam: These 7 Braid Accessories Will Transform Your Average Plait

Sonam Kapoor’s hair game was strong at the Cannes Film Festival. Dressed in Ralph & Russo couture, her three-strand braid was THE topic of discussion! What really caught my eye was not her soft makeup, but her pretty hair ornament by Amrapali. I mean, we’ve decorated ponytails and buns in the past, it’s high time we focused on braids for a change, no? You don’t have to spend a bomb on hair accessories, there are plenty that comes with an affordable price tag. Here are 7 braid accessories that’ll make you look as pretty as Sonam’s red carpet Cannes look.

1. Multiline Company Thin Elastics Braid Extension

hair 1

Dream of looking like a goddess? Well, you need this hair accessory in your life. It’s not as chunky and blingy as Sonam’s, but it will definitely fetch you a bunch of compliments.

Price: Rs 799. Buy it here.

2. Anuradha Art Jewellery French Roll Braid Extension

hair 2

This hair accessory is not meant for your braid, but for your crown area. It’s meant to sit on your head like a tiara. It looks very dainty and isn’t too fancy. It’s perfect to wear to your bestie’s shaadi.

Price: Rs 400. Buy it here.

3. Antique Pearl Design Hair Choti Continuous Bridal Jada Billai Jewellery

hair 3

Tiny pearls and gold detailing is what makes this hair accessory a win! The base metal is copper and a gold-plated braid accessory like this one will not burn a hole in your pocket for sure.

Price: Rs 3,700. Buy it here.

4. Anuradha Art Jewellery French Roll Braid Extension  

hair 4

This accessory isn’t a chain that you can hang on your braid, you’ve got to pin them up individually. This will give a floral touch to your braid and the golden flowers will make your hairstyle look grand.

Price: Rs 499. Buy it here.

5. White Color Stones Hair Jadai Billai Braid Indian Jewelry Bridal Ornaments

hair 5

This one is the same as the flower ones I’ve mentioned above, but the only difference is that it’s made out of metal and not fabric. It’s perfect for pinning into your braid when you want to make a serious fashion statement.

Price: Rs 440. Buy it here.

6. Baal Set Of 6 Flower Juda Pins

hair 6

You can never go wrong with red flowers if you invest in these babies. On a waterfall braid, these look magnificent. They’re not clips or chains though, they’re just tiny flowers you can slip into each plait.

Price: Rs 199. Buy it here

7. Africa Pigtail Women Hairpin Hair Clip Braid Coin Feather Beads DIY Loops

hair 7

These hair accessories are pretty unique in my opinion. Once you’re done braiding your hair, simply twist the feather braid and pin into one section of hair. Don’t stop until you’ve covered the entire the crown area.

Price: Rs 599. Buy it here