Shilpa Shetty's Desi Beauty Looks That Leave Us Drooling EVERY SINGLE TIME!

Shilpa Shetty's Desi Beauty Looks That Leave Us Drooling EVERY SINGLE TIME!

Her Sunday binges, TV appearances, healthy eating and fitness posts, mommy things - Shilpa Shetty Kundra’s juggling multiple roles and is doing a fab job of it. Honestly, we stalk her Instagram profile often and can’t get enough of how stunning she looks always, playing all her roles to the T. This post is particularly for her desi beauty looks that leave us drooling each time! Be it a traditional look or a fusion-chic look, Shilpa sure knows how to pull off any and every beauty look with so much ease. Take a tip a two from this Bollywood diva on how to do your makeup and hair stylishly for the next desi appearance you are to make.

1. Smokin’ Black

1 shilpa shetty beauty looks

Check her out in this black sharara set! She knows how to pull off a desi black outfit beautifully with her deep centre parting, blown out hair and smokey eyes. She chose to go with soft pink on her lips to make them eyes pop!

2. Colour Me Pretty

2 shilpa shetty beauty looks

Sleek buns are a great choice with both Indian and western ensembles. For a day event, she went with a centre part, and a sleek, low bun. Of course the gajra adds to the entire desi vibe she’s giving off. Her neutral eyes and a pink lip to match the pink in her outfit is pure love!

3. The Best Of Braids

3 shilpa shetty beauty looks

Just when we thought side braids were overdone, Shilpa Shetty Kundra shows up in this sweet fishtail braid. We like the loose hair framing her face that sure gives the face even better definition. If you want to go for a side braid, copy this one stat!

4. Flower Girl

4 shilpa shetty beauty looks

Smokey eyes seem to be this diva’s favourite, and why not, it looks stunning on her! Now, instead of doing the usual cluster of flowers neatly tucked in one place in her bun, she decided to strew them all over one side of her head. We LOVE what we see!

5. Of Messy Ponies

5 shilpa shetty beauty looks

Beach waves, messy ponytail and a slight pouf on the crown of her head - we wouldn’t change a thing about Shilpa’s hairdo here. It’s just what you need with a sexy saree draped like that. Nude lips and well-defined brows go perfectly with this get-up.

6. Desi Chic

6 shilpa shetty beauty looks

Brown smokey eyes, subtle lips, lovely arched brows and that hint of highlighter on the cheekbones - this clean face looks great on her and you should try it too! And don’t even get us started on the hair - oodles of volume on top and that neat high braid goes beautifully with her outfit.

7. Roses Are Red…

7 shilpa shetty beauty looks

We’re all for the way this Bollywood beauty has played with the colour red in this look. The roses tucked into her low bun, peeping just the right amount from behind her ear, looks stunning. And of course the bold red lip to match with the single red stripe on the saree - THIS is a desi look you can easily try! Notice that she went minimalistic on the rest of her face to make that red really pop.

Images: Instagram