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A Sufi Night To A Sabyasachi Lehenga - This Bride's Dreamy Wedding & Outfits Cannot Be Missed!

A Sufi Night To A Sabyasachi Lehenga - This Bride's Dreamy Wedding & Outfits Cannot Be Missed!

Are you inspired by a Bollywood style love story and a wedding too? So did Aman and Nimira, who were introduced by their common friends and met after months of texting and calls. Nimira travelled extensively for work, but their love for food, travel, adventure and sitcoms, got them texting even when they were miles apart. They started dating, going to the best bars, restaurants, movies, comedy events in Bangalore and instantly felt a connection. And soon they moved to Singapore with their jobs, travelled around SE Asia and realized, they were ready to tell their families and take the next step. From Sufi nights to donning a Manish Malhotra cocktail gown to a Sabyasachi bride, here's a sneak peek into their dreamy wedding captured beautifully by Morvi Images.

The cocktail evening calls for a gown by Manish Malhotra

Delhi wedding 3 cocktail

Delhi wedding 23 cocktail

"If I have to give the credit for this evening, the décor was the show runner. We picked this venue in Sanskriti Farms, Delhi, just for the inbuilt décor of rose & black. Aman & I danced to Sugar, by Maroon 5 to kick off the evening, yes it was rehearsed & choreographed. Bombay Rockers was a great decision, we had a lot of fun dancing to the Bolly-punjabi music. And Dj Shadow, was outstanding with all the mixes that a Delhi crowd needs."

The Haldi:

Delhi wedding 6 haldi

Delhi wedding 5 haldi

Delhi wedding 9

Delhi wedding 8 haldi

Delhi wedding 7 haldi

Delhi wedding 10 mehendi

"This was my favourite day. After the haldi ceremony, I decided to do a quirky photo shoot with just my bridesmaids. I highly highly recommend every bride to plan this."

The Mehendi:

Delhi wedding 12 mehendi

Delhi wedding 11 mehendi

Delhi wedding 24 mehendi

Delhi wedding 25 mehendi

Delhi wedding 14 mehendi

Delhi wedding 13 mehendi

"We entered with Dhol into a colourful décor, with a carnival theme, and danced our hearts away! This was also the day for family performances, which lasted for 20 minutes. The best part of this function undoubtedly was when Aman & I got on top of the bar and danced on the dhol! For my mehendi look I picked a yellow embroidered lehenga by Rupali Singh."

The sufi night

Delhi wedding 17 sufi night

Delhi wedding 16 sufi night

Delhi wedding 15 sufi night

Delhi wedding 27

Delhi wedding 26

"For the sufi night I opted for a peach embroidered Astha Narang kurta and sharara."

Her Sabyasachi moment:

Delhi wedding 28 sabyasachi

Delhi wedding 31 sabyasachi

Delhi wedding 29 sabyasachi

Delhi wedding 30 sabyasachi

"For my wedding, I opted for a red Sabyasachi lehenga and I travelled all the way to Jaipur for picking my wedding piece, and it was totally worth it! I also designed my nath, and I fell in love with it."

The wedding

Delhi wedding 32

Delhi wedding 21

Delhi wedding 20 venue

Delhi wedding 19 venue

Delhi wedding 33

Delhi wedding 34

Delhi wedding 18

"We picked Jaypee Greens Golf resort as the venue. We decided to have early pheras and then end the wedding with an after party. But like every Indian wedding, stuff got delayed and my vidaai only happened at 2 am, so we missed our own after-party!"

Ask for her advice to brides-to-be and she's quick to share, "The only wedding planning tip or advice for couples getting married would be - Pick the best vendors in town, and then sit back & relax!"

We wish the couple a wonderful married life ahead! 

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