Khadi As Beachwear? 5 Lingerie Trends We Didn't Even Know Existed!

Khadi As Beachwear? 5 Lingerie Trends We Didn't Even Know Existed!

Let me begin by saying that lingerie fashion shows don't just happen in Europe or FTV. India has it's very own 'India Intimate Fashion Week' which, BTW, is more than just women walking the ramp in heels and skimpy underwear. The India Intimate Fashion Week just had its second season and, boy, we found about lingerie trends we've never heard or seen before. Not just that, this season was dedicated to proving that intimate fashion defines comfort and confidence. It also focused on an awareness campaign to boo away the taboo of intimate fashion. But more on that later.

Let's look at the top five highlights from the fashion show that we think can (and should) make it to our intimate wardrobe, shall we?

1. Resort Wear To Resort To

1 lingerie - gypsy india intimate fashion week  

The Gen-Next designers from INIFD Bandra, Mumbai, showcased the collection, Mystical Egypt, presenting resort wear resembling Greek and Egyptian style. Now your resort life can be as chic and chilled out as the Cleopatra.

 “IIFW is a fantastic initiative to bring intimate fashion into the forefront; something that’s very close to the beautiful body that God gave everyone must be spoken of and displayed fashionably,” said Mr. Vivek Dhawan, Centre Director, INIFD Bandra.

2. Khadi As Beachwear, FTW!

2 lingerie - Khadi beachwear India intimate fashion week

Believe it or not, this bralette and skirt co-ordinate set is made of khadi! Designer Rashmi Solanki presented her exclusive collection, Rudra, promoting sustainable fashion using age-old Indian techniques of fabric making and handicrafts. Khadi cotton and khadi silk used is completely vegetable dyed, the buttons are made of coconut shells, there's minimal use of plastic (only for zippers) and that's what makes her collection eco-friendly. 

Also, khadi has the ability to keep you cool in summer! What more can a beach babe like me ask for, eh?

3. Here's A Plus For The Plus Size 

3 lingerie - plus size india intimate fashion week

One of the major highlights of the show was the launch of plus-size lingerie label Melons India. What won our hearts was not just their fine collection of lingerie for plus-size women but how gracefully Dr. Mona Varonica Campbell, India’s only plus-size transgender model, walked the ramp as the showstopper for the label.

“Sexiness is defined by ‘curves’. It is all about how confidently I carry myself, be it in a fully covered outfit or in a minimalist covered outfit. One can look sexy in any shape and size; all comes down to how much one believes in it," said Dr. Mona.

Intimate, yes, but I didn't know lingerie could be inspiring too!

 4. A Jewellery Junkie's Delight

 4 lingerie - gypsy india intimate fashion week

Talking about inspiration, the collection by the Hong Kong-based designer, Mona Shroff, got our attention for all the right reasons when we saw one of the models walking the ramp flaunt her stretch marks. We all have them, but for some hidden reason, they make us uncomfortable in our own skin. To the bikini set buried in my closet, here I come!

The designer displayed her high-end jewellery collection along with the clothing line of internationally acclaimed fashion designer, Rajiv Mehta, in keeping with the 'Rio Carnival' theme of the show depicting colours of life, matched with colour blocking jewellery. And we are all about the dramatic fashion.

5. 'Something New' For The Bride

5 lingerie - bridal india intimate fashion week

The show does not end here. Jef Albea, a Filipino designer, concluded the show with the fine line of bridal lingerie collection that we saw for the first time in India.

"An intimate wear shall possess elegance, sophistication, and drama to catch the eyes of the audience; revealing, but gorgeously decent," said the designer about his first showcase in India.

Finally, some lingerie trends that has gotten us excited for real. Whether you're a bride, on a weekend getaway to a resort or headed to a beach vacay, there's an intimate idea for all.

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