The Perfect Wife: How To Become The Woman He’ll Never Leave! (Sarcasm Intended)

The Perfect Wife: How To Become The Woman He’ll Never Leave! (Sarcasm Intended)

Why are so many marriages failing these days? It’s so sad to see a husband abandoning his wife because she didn’t try hard enough. Really, it doesn’t take a college education to realise that divorce is what happens to women who don’t understand that the husband has the upper hand in a marriage.

Our mothers and grandmothers lived in a simpler time. Everyone knew what a woman was supposed to do, how she was supposed to act and what her priorities were. In our world, the balance has been teetering and it has caused terrible confusion in young girls.

The first thing we need to do is stop watching all those unrealistic TV shows and movies that make women falsely believe that they are equal to men. Darlings, we are not. The winds of feminism and equality may be trying to topple man’s status as the superior being, but we all know that once the dust settles, everyone will see the truth: Men are stronger than us, more intelligent and much more worldly. They know what’s best and we should accept it.

Oh, but you have seen women talking back to their husband or his parents? You know how those girls are, don’t you? These ‘free’ and ‘outspoken’ women are of loose character. They smoke, drink and party with other men and they have no shame in admitting all this. You don’t want to be associated with those short skirt types. You’re pavitra and that’s why he will love you.

If you want to find the right husband and keep him till your last breath, then you must memorise these gospel truths and be a Sita to your Ram. Yes, your pati is your parmeshwar and you must worship him as one.

A Good Wife Only Listens And Never Speaks

Wife 2

From the beginning, you should know who the man of the house is. What your husband says, goes. You can’t argue with him on any matter because you really don't know any better. He is the one going out in the world every day and dealing with it. He knows what’s best for you and your family, so don’t disrespect him by giving him your insensible suggestions. Please don’t nag him or argue with him because it disturbs the peace at home.

A Good Wife Never Lets A Man Touch Her Before Marriage

Your chastity says a lot about you and your character. An ideal woman will never let a paraya aadmi touch her before marriage. You need to be a virgin for him, so don’t sin with another man. If you give it away for free, no man will buy it. It doesn’t matter if he had affairs before marriage because when a man sleeps with a woman, it’s the woman who is disgraced.

A Good Wife Takes Care Of Her Husband And His Family

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If you want to show your husband that you love and admire him, cook his favourite dishes every day. When he comes back home, take care of him tenderly and make sure the house is spick and span. You have to remember that he’s your husband and he has rights over your body, so you can’t say no to him. No one will believe you if you claim he forced you because there is no rape in a marriage; it’s legally impossible. Keep him satisfied, or don’t complain when he turns to other women.

His family should be happy with you as well. Never give them a cause to complain to your husband and always do as they say.

A Good Wife Gives Her Husband Children

It is your duty to have his kids. You may have met some modern women who don’t want to give birth, but don’t let them influence you. A man respects the mother of his children more than just a wife. Kids will bring you closer, especially if you’re having marital problems.

A Good Wife Makes Compromises

Wife 3

A woman enters her husband’s home as a wife and leaves only when she’s dead. So, learn to make adjustments. Your spouse has been raised in a certain way and you have to adapt to them. A woman can mould herself according to her new family and those who fail never make good wives.

Be the wife he'd be proud to call his!

Did this article make your blood churn and your brains implode into Dexter-quality bits? Well, I had a similar reaction when I read an article titled, 5 Types of Girls Who Cannot Be Good Spouses. Much to my horror, this wasn’t the only piece on the internet that talked about the qualities that a woman should have to be the perfect wife. Cooking, cleaning, staying horizontal for your husband, and giving into all his demands were some of the usual requirements. Being happy and no nagging were some other points. These are the foundations of a marriage. That’s right. People in our country think of women as inanimate sex dolls with no hopes and dreams and voice of their own. Men have such chauvinistic expectations and I’m aghast that women support these sentiments. Now do you see the misogyny that’s entrenched in our society?

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