10 Things Every Single Girl Should Know About Marriage

10 Things Every Single Girl Should Know About Marriage
Marriage is a mystery many of us are yet to solve. If you feel like everyone around you is getting married, and you’re not really sure what to make of it – we are here to help. It makes a difference if you know what all marriage really entails. It’ll help you in making important future decisions. So sit back, and take notes. Aight?

1. Marriage is not a wedding.

It’s what comes after the week of festivities and after all your friends and family have flown back to where they came from. It’s what stays once the wedding is done.

1 important things about marriage

2. Marriage doesn’t always change you.

A lot of people change after they get married but that’s a choice. A lot of girls now find it simply archaic to be expected to change.

3. Marriage is what you make of it.

If you look at it like a burden, it will feel like one. If you look at it like an exciting new phase – it’ll feel like one.

3 important things about marriage

4. Marriage changes some equations.

It’s up to you to work on your relationships and friendships post marriage. But on an average, we find that marriage does kind of change your equation with some people. We’d rather tell you the truth, na?

5. Marriage involves time management.

Being married means having a whole new aspect to your life. Yes, responsibilities increase but so does the fun. Truth is, it’ll be the first time in your life when you will feel the need to learn time management.

5 important things about marriage

6. Marriage can be the beginning of love.

The media always portrays marriage as this awful burden but marriage can and should be the beginning of a love story. Doesn’t matter if it’s love or arranged – nothing matters because it’s a new beginning as husband and wife.

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7. Marriage doesn’t mean the loss of independence.

Back in the day, marriage was equal to losing your independence – especially for girls. But we are so happy to report that it’s not like that at all anymore. You should continue to be who you are and do what you do even after tying the knot.

7 important things about marriage

8. Marriage takes patience.

This sounds negative but it’s not meant to be. It’s a new role you will be playing – the role of a wife. You may take some time to get used to it. No matter how much you love your husband, you will run out of patience with him too sometimes; it’s only natural.

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9. You’re allowed to miss your single life.

It’s really okay. Those were younger, carefree days and you are bound to miss them. It doesn’t mean you hate or regret being married.

9 important things about marriage

10. A happy marriage is not a myth.

In a day and age when we hear of divorces by the dozen, happy marriages are lesser talked about. But they exist. And they are all around us. And you shouldn’t have to settle for anything less than one.

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