Uncomplicate It: 7 Offbeat But Easy Saree Trends We Can't Thank AIFW Enough For!

Uncomplicate It: 7 Offbeat But Easy Saree Trends We Can't Thank AIFW Enough For!

Until the Amazon India Fashion Week, I was a fashion show virgin. This was the first time I attended one and it was as good as a price tag during a sale. I saw a lot of new trends and of all, the sarees got my attention the most. Now, I’m a person who doesn’t know how to drape a saree but loves to wear them (hi5’s anyone?) But the saree trends that I spotted are so easy that anyone, even a novice like me, can do it effortlessly. Scroll down for some designer-approved saree style inspiration.

1. What Jewellery? Scarf It Up!

1 saree - Shyamal   Bhumika

- Shyamal & Bhumika

Just after we said scarves have replaced dupattas on kurta suits this season, we went to see Shyamal & Bhumika’s collection and saw scarves… on a saree. Wearing jewellery with sarees is just so common! Go for an offbeat look by ditching that heavy ass necklace for a simple scarf. Let your saree style do the talking.

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2. Tribal, Tiger Or Both?

2 saree - Malini Ramani

- Malini Ramani

The first thing I noticed in Malini Ramani’s collection was the ombre effect on sarees. She aggressively encouraged jewellery on the head as maang tikkas, bandanas and oxidised hair accessories giving us major tribal vibes. Notice the tiger-like stripes and three different styles of pallu drapes here. What’s your pick?

3. Dhoti For A Petticoat

3 saree - Nikasha

- Nikasha

Tell your mom to stop running after the tailor for petticoat and saree ke fall. All you need is a Patiala salwar or a dhoti to nail the look we saw in Nikasha’s collection. Nikasha also emphasised an excessive use of fringes on saree borders, blouse designs and collars (which, BTW, are going higher and higher). Take your sheer saree game to the next level.  

4. The Infinity Scarf Drape

4 saree - Aartivijay Gupta

- Aartivijay Gupta

Ever wondered where the nine yards of a saree go? All over you. Aartivijay Gupta’s saree drape may look complicated but it quite easy to go. Instead of letting your pallu hang by a safety pin on your shoulder, you drape it around your neck like a muffler et voila! POPxo tip: cinch it with a slim belt to give it a balloony effect.

5. Sharara Sharara

5 saree - Shivan   Narresh

- Shivan & Narresh

This is one of my personal favourite styles. If dhoti doesn’t work for you, Shivan & Narresh have yet another replacement for your petticoat - a sharara. Drape your saree in a mermaid pallu style to get the look. Easy to do and hard to forget, isn’t that how we like to make appearances?

6. Damsel In Distress(ed)

6 saree - Diksha Khanna

- Diksha Khanna

If you’re over distressed denims already, consider this image and think again. Having denim something in your outfit is so easy - just wear any pair of jeans. But Diksha Khanna shows us a way to make it look anything but basic. Blue saree-white shirt is the new blue jeans-white shirt and, as young saree wearer, I couldn’t be happier. There’s finally a saree that won’t age me up.

7. Ruffled Pallu

7 saree - Rabani   Rakha

- Rabani & Rakha

A while ago, we saw ruffles on lehenga skirt and the princess-like trend left us in awe. Now, Rabani & Rakha have introduced ruffles on a saree pallu and, well, it’s the same feeling. Here’s how to make a statement without going OTT.

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Images: Abhay Mishra