Perms Are Coming Back With A Sultry Upgrade And You Don’t Want To Miss The Curl Train

Perms Are Coming Back With A Sultry Upgrade And You Don’t Want To Miss The Curl Train

Perms for me are an alien concept. Yes, I know what they are but only from pictures— pictures that people want to hide. I don’t know anyone today who says, I went in for a perm and I loved it! It is always associated with a disastrous makeover story. My mum had a perm and I remember looking at the pictures and asking her what she was thinking. So imagine my surprise when I imagined perms making a comeback and they are better than ever! Before you frantically start googling an anecdote for my momentary insanity, hear me out.

What Is A Perm?

A perm is as basic as the complete opposite of straightened hair. A perm is when chemicals are used to restructuring your hair bonds from straight to curly. It starts with chemicals being applied to the hair that breaks the inner bonds and then you mould your hair into curls.

Comeback Of The Perm

1 perm

Thank you for not googling medication. When I say perms are making a comeback, they’re not the same tight curls that we remember from the exercise commercials that we had seen or the stuff that my mom had. Perms got an update and they are coming back to save fine haired girls from their life of monotony.

How often have you felt super ‘meh’ about your limp and straight hair and how many times have you wished that your hair would hold a curl for a while longer than an hour? Well, now perms will help you do that. As I mentioned above, a perm is basically a treatment that breaks down the inner bonds of your hair and restructures them into a different form. So instead of using the small, thin barrels for tighter curls, hair stylists are using bigger curlers to hold your hair to give you natural, beachy waves and volume for good!

You could get voluminous waves starting at the roots a la your favourite Victoria secret model’s bombshell waves or could even opt for a more natural wave starting mid-length for a beachy effect.


2 perm

Like every hair treatment, you need to take care of your hair after your bombshell perm. Here are a few tips that you need to have in mind for aftercare.

1. Leave all the other chemical treatments on hold for a while.

2. Nourish your hair well, oil it diligently every week and use sulphate free products.

3. Deep conditioning once every 15 days is a must; either buy a hair mask at home or get a hair spa treatment done regularly.

4. Detangling is now a different ball game. Your hair is now a different texture so after wash care is going to be different. Get yourself a wide-tooth, wooden paddle brush to ensure smooth brushing.

5. It wouldn’t hurt to use some curl enhancing products just to give your hair protection and added oomph.

6. Get regular trims to keep frizz at bay.

That’s that friend, go ahead get those bombshell waves!