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'Sun Didi Tere Liye Ek Rishta Aaya Hai'... But What Will You Wear To Meet Him?

While I’d like to hope everyone finds love on their own on this planet, there are some of us who work better with guidance. Believe it or not, arranged marriages have produced equally happy couples as, if not happier than, love marriages. After all, the ‘arranged’ concept has gone from primitively strange to progressively convenient. I mean, who in the world can be a better wingman than either of your parents or one of your friends, even? If you’re floating in the single boat and getting rishtas left, right and centre - now’s the time. The time to make sure your potential dulha knows you’ve got serious style game.


While Bollywood’s pretty much ingrained the idea of a ‘sanskaari’ kurti and churidaar as the ‘rishta’ outfit in us desi gals, I’m going to pass. From desi dresses to off-beat kurtas, here’s how you kill it at your next rishta rendezvous. Forget the chai, add these unique Indian outfits to your wardrobe. Right. Now.

Sooner or later, ‘pyaar toh hona hi tha...'. We just sped things along. *wink*

Published on Mar 21, 2018
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