Beauty Diaries: I Tried This Bath Kit For A Week And The Results Are Amazing!

Beauty Diaries: I Tried This Bath Kit For A Week And The Results Are Amazing!

Growing up, I associated floral smells with my mom. She had a daily beauty regime that she never wavered from and the fragrances followed her, just like I did as a little girl. By idolising her, I emulated her way of living and learned the art of taking care of myself.

A self-confessed beauty aficionado with fondness for fragrant bath washes, lotions, and moisturisers, I leave nothing out in my daily routine. So naturally, I try out different bath products and experiment with fragrances all the time.

A week ago, I brought home a beautiful Fiama bath kit that came with two bath gels, both infused with natural extracts and nourishing almond cream. One of the bath gels has Brahma Kamalam, known for many skin benefits. A whiff of the sweet scent of this bloom in the shower gel improved my mood instantly. The next morning, I alternated to the red coloured bottle which has ashwagandha, known for reducing stress and anxiety.

body wash skincare inside 2

It has been a week and I’ve noticed that my body feels refreshed every morning with no extra effort. Just a few minutes of indulgence in the shower can really uplift my mood and help me start my day with a zing. Additionally, these gels have moisturising properties, so I don’t have to worry about my dry skin. Bonus? No more spending minutes in generous moisturising after every shower.

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The quantity might make you feel like you will have to invest in it from time to time, but you just need two drops at once which means that it will last for over two months if you use it on a daily basis.

What is prompting me to reach for it day after day is the fragrance that lasts up to four hours. I even got a nod of approval from my mom who has always been my go-to person for all beauty advice.

I’d recommend these products to anyone who loves to smell good and wants to take care of their skin!

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