This #TeddyDay Pick Fashion Items Your Girlfriend Will Appreciate More Than A Stuffed Bear!

Kriti Asthana

Assistant Manager, Social Media

Boys, let’s get one thing straight. Speaking from personal experience, I have yet to encounter a grown woman that actually has any use of or appreciates soft, cuddly stuffed teddy bears. So at the risk of failing to reduce women to a walking cliché of bubbliness, we thought we’ll bring you some Teddy Day gifting options that your girlfriend will ACTUALLY appreciate this Valentine's Week.

P.S: These fashion gifts provide more utility than keeping fictional monsters away when she sleeps.

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Gram Life

When you’re living for the ‘gram, aesthetics have a way of creeping into utility. Don’t believe us? Watch how your girlfriend sneaks in this phone cover in all the flat-lay food shots you guys take when you go out for a Valentine’s Day dinner date. Plus, getting her hands on the famous Moschino teddy is going to earn you one tight bear hug!


1   Moschino Phone Cover

Coat Hugger

You can’t always be around to give your girlfriend the bear hug she needs. Give her the next best thing - a teddy coat that feels like a warm winter hug.  


₹1490   ₹3990   62% off
2 CoatTeddy

The Teddy That’s Upto No Good

Take advantage of the word play and get a gift for yourself. Throw in a bunch of roses and chocolates just in case she figures out your evil plan.


3 Teddy Lingerie

Faux Cuddles

USP: Cuddle-ready and party ready. Now, how many things can claim to be both? We’ll give you a minute to let it sink it.  


₹895   ₹2559   65% off
4 FurClutch

Key To Her Heart

Know a girl who will complain about swapping fur in favour of rhinestones? Yea, same.   


5 TeddyKeyChain

Furry Friends

We won’t blame you for asking what’s the utility of a ‘bag’ charm. Write this down, boys - ACCESSORIES.ARE.UTILITY.


₹450   ₹2490   81% off
6 TeddyBear

But First, Selfie!  

You do realise you’ll be the co-starrer of the even more countless selfies that will be taken with this, right? But when you think about how wide her smile will be in the pictures, it really doesn’t matter.

Mango People Shop

₹599   ₹799   25% off
7 SelfieStickTeddy

Love Is In The H(Air)

Show her you’re as obsessed with her beautiful mane as she is.   

Forever 21  

8 paddle teddybrush

Your Snuggle Bud’s Snuggle Bud

Planning to spend the day in, this fuzzy hoodie will earn you all the snuggles. Plus, she’ll love it for the gram-potential it offers.


9 MouseEars

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Published on Feb 10, 2018
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