Go beyond Roses This Rose Day & Check Out These Floral Beauties!

Go beyond Roses This Rose Day & Check Out These Floral Beauties!

It's Valentine's Week, and love is definitely in the air, waiting for the right opportunity to come by and sweep you off your feet. Even if it isn't, that shouldn't stop you from indulging in a whole lotta love this season, especially since it starts with one of the most beautiful days of the week-long celebrations: Rose Day!

This year, Rose Day falls on February 7, 2018, and it's all about expressing your love and affection by gifting your loved ones with roses, each colour representing a different sentiment.

The red rose, like we all know, is crowned the everlasting symbol of love; yellow is an expression of friendship; white stands for purity and innocence (but mostly used for weddings and funerals, so you may want to avoid this one); pink symbolises grace and worthy of someone you look up to; peach represents modesty and appreciation, for someone you consider graceful and beautiful; lavender is for those who are smitten by the case of 'love at first sight'; and orange is the colour of passion and energy.

Now, we know the kind of devotion we show roses on this day is complete and absolute, but how about we switch things up a little and maybe take a look at some of the other gorgeous flowers that can make a presence in your bouquet this year? It could be for your significant other, your best friend, your mum, your dad, or even for yourself - there's a whole lot of options you can choose from, and they're all drop-dead gorgeous!

1. Pretty in pink

1 rose day - fiorella

Get your own lovely bouquet right here

2. Like summer in a vase

2 rose day - fiorella

You can buy the beautiful 'Blissful Fling' for your loved one here

3. Floral beauties in all shades of the rainbow!

6 rose day - interflora

Let this Hot Pink Floral Lantern make your day today! Buy it here

4. Because red is the colour of the season, after all

10 rose day - inter flora

You can buy this 'Romance Vase' with flowers sourced from Holland and India here

5. Flower baskets - never out of style!

11 rose day - flora india

A basket of yellow Asiatic Lillies is exactly what you need this Valentine's week! Buy it here

6. Would you look at all the colours?!

13 rose day - inter flora

This pretty combination of Indian and European flowers can be bought here

7. Tulip - the next best rose, to be honest!

3 rose day - fiorella

Grab a box full of these exquisite beauties here

8. I could look at these all day *heart eyes emoji*

15 rose day - inter flora

The lovely Vanda Orchid & Calla Lily Vase for your love! Buy it here

9. Throw a little tropical bloom into the mix!

14 - rose day flora india

Lillies and carnations - yes, please! Buy it here

10. I don't know about you, but I can smell the flowers already!

4 rose day - fiorella

The Turquoise Collection with The Cubed Lily Box could be the one for you. Buy it here

11. A little splash of sunshine in a bouquet of white is all you need

9 rose day - flora india

White Oriental Lillies for the one you love? Buy it here

12. You can never go wrong with this colour palette!

8 rose day - interflora

All in the 'Name of Love', indeed! Buy it here

13. Lilac. Lavender. And a whole lot of love!

7 rose day - interflora

You can buy this bouquet of fifteen gorgeous flowers here

14. Can it be this beautiful, all day, every day?

12 rose day - inter flora

The Luxury Vanda Orchid & Hydrangea Vase to make you feel like a princess! Buy it here

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Images: Fiorella, Flora India, Interflora India