10 Ways To Get To Know Your Fiance's Siblings Better!

10 Ways To Get To Know Your Fiance's Siblings Better!

Once you’re engaged you enter this phase of getting to know each other’s families. We are not going to mince our words here – this period is as important as it is tricky. His siblings are your future family too, so you want to make your best impression without being too pushy! Don’t worry – we take you through it in the following post. Read up, breathe easy, take notes, and watch it seamlessly become a fun rather than daunting task!

1. Make a genuine effort

Don’t decide right from the beginning that you are going to hate them. A lot of stereotypes are fed to us through books and movies, but hey – that’s fiction! Initiate an effort, and trust us, the siblings will love you automatically!

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2. Spend time with them

This is the most simple tip but oh-so-important. How will you ever get to know his sister and/or brother if you only know them from afar? Schedule some chill time with them to get to know them better! You have to make some effort to make his siblings to warm up to you!

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3. Express your intent to him

Let him know that you are eager to spend time with his siblings. This will make him super happy and might even prompt him to take more initiative in the process.

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4. Involve them in the wedding planning

We know sometimes it’s easier to avoid asking for too many opinions but you want to make sure that his siblings feel included in the wedding!

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5. Have some siblings-only time!

You can plan a nice lunch with your siblings and his siblings. After all, you are all now going to be one extended family! It’ll be a nice way to just chill out and get to know each other.

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6. Ask them for help

If you want to surprise your fiancé or gift him something, get his siblings to weigh in on this. When they see just how much you care and love their brother, they’ll automatically take to you.

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7. DO NOT fake it!

It’s tempting to go the extra mile to win everyone’s love and attention but we don’t suggest you do this. Showering his siblings with compliments and gifts is not the way to go. Get to know them at a slow but genuine pace. You don’t want to start rituals that you won’t be able to maintain!

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8. Don’t force things

If you feel that despite your efforts their siblings aren’t warming up to you, don’t lose heart. Maybe they take time to open up or are generally reserved. Give it time. They are you future family and they will eventually warm up to you!

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9. Keep the age difference in mind

If his siblings are younger, you may hit it off with them instantly. But in case they are much older, then perhaps there will always be that little bit of respect and reverence in the relationship rather than playful camaraderie. This is not necessarily a bad thing. Just make sure you adapt accordingly.

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10. Be amicable

Even if you don’t see yourself hanging out with his siblings per se, always be amicable. Greet them happily and warmly every time you meet them. You are about to enter their family and they will sense it if you are resistant towards them. Remember, energy doesn’t lie!

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