10 Cute Things To Do With Your Family Before The Wedding!

10 Cute Things To Do With Your Family Before The Wedding!
The joy of getting married is only marred by the fact that you will be leaving your family forever. Amidst all the wedding excitement, the thoughts about not waking up to your parents’ pampering surely brings a lump to the throat. Though you may not always be able express your feelings, here are 10 cute things to do with your family before the wedding.

1. Plan a grand family getaway

You can do a quick getaway or you can go somewhere far but do go for a family vacation before getting hitched. Try out adventure sports with the whole family and gorge on yummy food along the way. Do everything possible to make it memorable for everyone in the group.

 Things to do with family before the wedding

2. Learn new recipes and cook your family some fancy meals

You may already be a closet Master Chef or you may have never entered the kitchen in your life (or somewhere in between), but nothing says “I Love You” better than a good meal that has been cooked with tenderness and care. So don the apron and whip up some fancy dishes solely for your family.

3. Help around the house

Sure, you were never required to help with chores ever but now is a good time to try your hand at it. Your mother has always been an expert homemaker but she has largely shielded you from all domestic demands. Surprise her by willingly lending a hand with everyday household duties and you will surely bring a smile to her face.

4. Throw a pajama party/sleepover for all your cousins and siblings

No matter how young they are or how old they now might be, invite one and all to the great pajama sleepover. Order in some pizza and whip up some smoothies or cold chocolate/coffee. Spend the night playing video/board games, watching a good old horror movie or simply catching up with each other. Keep the focus off your impending wedding and more on the company. Have some clean, innocent fun as you used to during your childhood days. Your pajama posse will always remember this night and you fondly. And who knows, maybe you will start a pre-wedding family ritual as well.

Things to do with family before the wedding

5. Have a family photo shoot

That’s right, not a wedding photo shoot but a family photo session. Call your dadiji, dadaji, uncles, aunts, and every other close relative in town. Pose for vintage-style family portraits and get them printed and framed. Distribute them among the family as gifts that everyone will cherish. As they say, the family that poses together stays together.

6. Pamper your mother with a spa/massage for some girl time

She will absolutely enjoy the experience. It is highly likely that your mother is stressed out already with all the wedding preparations. Take her out for a spa session and help her detoxify and rejuvenate, she will thank you for it.

7. Take your father/brother out to watch their favourite sport live

Or just in case there is none being played in town at the precise moment, let them choose the activity for the day. Switch off your phones and give your dad your undivided attention. Catch up with each other and spend a fun day bonding father-daughter style.

Things to do with family before the wedding

8. Leave surprise gifts to be found after the wedding

This is a challenging yet hugely satisfying gesture. Pick gifts for each and every member of your immediate family. They need not be very expensive but something personal. Hide them in strategic places of the house with clues or a map to trace them and ask a friend to hand the gifts over to your family after you have left. After the bidaai, this activity of hunting for gifts left by you will not only surprise your family but cheer them up as well.

9. Make a home video

Not a wedding video but a home video. Interview your parents about funny incidents, how they met, etc. Document the room where you grew up, if possible document the places where your parents grew up. Let the video be no less than a documentary tribute to the history of your family. If done with love and enthusiasm it will surely make its way among the most prized family treasures that are passed around for generations.

10. Acknowledge others’ contribution

Your entire family has pooled in their time and resources to pull off your wedding. It is your duty to acknowledge their efforts and be as cooperative as possible. While wedding preparations can be extremely stressful, it is always best to take regular deep breaths and appreciate the immense amount of love and pampering you are being showered with by your lovely family. After all, what is a wedding without family? Definitely not a celebration.

Things to do with family before the wedding

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