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Candlelight Dinners Are Passé, Read These Insanely Romantic Books With Your Hubby Instead!

Candlelight Dinners Are Passé, Read These Insanely Romantic Books With Your Hubby Instead!

If going on dinner dates, planning surprises and getting all adventurous overtakes your love for a soulful read, AND if you manage to find a partner who loves it as much as you do, then don’t let him go! What can be better than reading some insanely romantic books with your better half while snuggling under a blanket this winter! Some you might have read already, and if you haven’t, then here’s the list of books you need to grab right now. Read on to find out...

1. Love A Misadventure by Lang Leav

1 Insanely Romantic Books

If you ask me, she’s my all time favourite author who has come up with some brilliant poetry which beautifully weaves words of hope, love and longing through various phases of life. It kind of compels you to think deep and intense about love, and that’s one book that a romantic book lover should never miss out on reading with her beau!

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2. The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks

2 Insanely Romantic Books

Many must have watched the film already, but trust me, you got to read the book too weave in your imagination to the tale. Only book lovers would understand the intensity of reading it rather than watching it on the big screen If you have a similar story like Allie and Noah, where you were told to make a choice between class and your soulmate, then you have to read this beautiful story about teenage love, separation and the rekindled romance.

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3. Fifty Shades Of Grey by E.L. James

3 Insanely Romantic Books

Are you the one who is into kinky love and all? Then look no further, as Fifty Shades Of Grey is the epitome of sultry. They have set the bar really high and the hype is all worth it if you read the book, you know! If you are looking for love with an edge, just like Mr Grey, then you should definitely give this a read with your husband. You never know even your partner might just have similar erotic taste? It’s all about exploring and experimenting, right?

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4. One Day By David Nicholls

4 Insanely Romantic Books

There are times when you come across a person and just for that one day, when you can't stop thinking about them. Just like Dexter Mayhew and Emma Morley did! We all come across such a soul at least once in our lives. At times, it clicks, at times it doesn’t. If it does, you get to know what the spark was all about and to know if it did in case of Dexter and Emma, you got to give it a read!

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5. Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair by Pablo Neruda

5 Insanely Romantic Book

This book is considered to be the most popular and treasured collection of poems by Pablo Neruda. It’s been inspiring book lovers, poets and artists all over for more than eight decades! Get your hands on this beautiful collection of poems which revolves around the passion and desire. Perfect for a  late night read, we’d say.

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6.  Dirty Pretty Things by  Michael Faudet

6 Insanely Romantic Books

If erotica is your favourite genre and you are already done with Fifty Shades of Grey, then we suggest your next pick should be The Dirty Pretty Things which will take you in a different world of love and sensuality with some sexually arousing writing and pictures. Do we need to say more… Get on it, already!

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