7 AMAZING (& Affordable) Airbnbs For Your Goa Bachelorette!

7 AMAZING (& Affordable) Airbnbs For Your Goa Bachelorette!

So he put a ring on it, huh? And the second, if not the first thing to pop up in your mind was a bachelorette in Goa, then here’s all the help you need. Get your #GirlSquad and check out these 7 Airbnbs that are not just awesome, but also way more affordable than your typical touristy hotels. Whether you are looking for a bohemian setting close to the bustling nightclubs or just an intimate beach cottage, our top budget friendly picks will ensure that your last all-girls-trip as a single girl is truly unforgettable.

1. Amarvillo, Adsulim

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Image Courtesy: Amarvillo, Adsulim

Amarvillo is a private villa, tucked in the quiet corners of Benaulim in south Goa. If you are looking to host a bachelorette for 5-7 people, then this spacious paradise would be perfect. The villa has 2 double bedrooms, 1 single room and comes equipped with a modern kitchen and pool. What’s more, it is just a 15 minute walk to Benaulim beach and a stone’s throw distance from the bustling markets in the vicinity that you and your girls can explore. Oh, and if one of your friend decides to join in the last minute, it’s totally fine, there are no charges for extra guests, whee!

Accessibility: The villa is approximately 35 minutes from Dabolim airport. Best would be to book a prepaid taxi to the villa. The host can also arrange for a pickup if you tell him about your arrival date and time, at least a week in advance.

Price per night: Rs 4,940 approx.

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2. Goa Retreat, Baga Beach

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Image Courtesy: Goa Retreat, Baga Beach

The Goa Retreat is a two bedroom villa straight out of your pinterest feed! If you are looking for undivided bonding with your girl pals without having to constantly fall prey to your buzzing mobile phone, then this place would be awesome (the place has no internet connection!). The property is just a 2 minute walk to Baga beach and all the hotspots such as titos, brittos, cavala, cape town etc. Do we really need to say more!

Accessibility: If you prefer to save costs then state buses are available from Dabolim airport, with an average fare of Rs 17/person. You can even arrange for taxi service from the airport to the villa, which is approximately a 45 minute drive.

Price per night: Rs 5,967 approx. (Swimming pool is available on rent for Rs 600).

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3. Curly Coelho’s Cottage, Dona Paula

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Image Courtesy: Curly Coelho's Cottage, Dona Paula

Curly Coelho’s cottage is a perfect blend for when you want the tranquility of the rugged forest along with the salty spritz of the beach. It is located in the tourist friendly Dona Paula area and is surrounded by coconut and mango tree farms. If you’re an adventurous lot, and a little more than a handful, then this spacious 3 bedroom home would be apt. You’d surely even love the jetty trip, dolphin watch and neighbouring watersport activities that are organized just minutes away from the cottage.The host is also kind enough to organize a vehicle hire at an additional cost, if you share the itinerary with her beforehand.

Accessibility: The place is just a 35 minute taxi ride from Dabolim airport which can be pre-booked at the airport. The host may even organize a pick up service on your insistence.

Price per night: Rs 9,000 approx.

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4. Kuber Sea Villa, Nerul

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Image Courtesy: Kuber Sea Villa, Nerul

This sea face villa is your answer to peaceful and tranquil holiday. Imagine morning yoga on the beach with your girlies or better still, a cozy room where you can play all your cheeky ‘truth and dare’ games with your pals! The villa includes 8 bedrooms and you could book 2, 3 and 4 bedrooms, according to the number of people. Make sure you stock up on food supplies as general stores and restaurants are at least 1-2 kms away!

Accessibility: Most pre-booked cars don’t go to the villa as it is situated on top of a hilly terrain. Therefore, it is advisable to book it through the host beforehand.

Price per night: Rs 9,500 approx.

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5. Wooden Chalet, Panjim

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Image Courtesy: Wooden Chalet, Panjim

Situated on Goa’s largest river, Mandovi, this wooden paradise is a traveller’s retreat especially for its rugged indoors and the magnificent views that it provides from its balcony. While upper bedrooms have a spacious wooden deck with deck chairs to relax on, the lower bedroom opens to a paved patio which is on the river edge. The villa is also centrally located and quite accessible to all of north Goa’s historical monuments, perfect for when you want to sightsee with your girlies.

Accessibility: The house is almost an hour away from the airport. Regular taxis can be pre-booked from the airport. One can even take a bus till the Panjim Bus Stand, and walk towards the villa, which is hardly 15 mins away.

Price per night: Rs 6,801 approx.

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6. The Yuppi Hippie Hideout, Anjuna

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Image Courtesy: Yuppi Hippie Hideout, Anjuna

As the name suggests, this place would be great for when you want to play out that bohemian spirit in you along with your girls. The villa was actually a hideout for hippies in the 70s and thus, each of its rooms are an ode to their free spirited lifestyle. While the art room is decorated with beautiful graffiti, the music room can give you access to all the musical instruments. If you are a group of three and want to make the most out of your bachelorette party, then this place should definitely be on your list! Oh, and did we tell you that they even allow for booze and food from outside. Winner!

Accessibility: The villa can arrange for a pickup service or you can even hail for a direct taxi which is about an hours’ ride away!

Price per night: Rs 3,593 approx.

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7. Beach Side Villa, Anjuna

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Image Courtesy: Beachside Villa, Anjuna

If Curlies is your ultimate favourite beach shack and all of you’ll are ultimate foodies then the Beachside Villa on Anjuna beach would just be perfect. Apart from it being connected to all the famous pubs and eating zones, it is the rustic Portuguese style architecture which you’d surely love. What’s more, the three bedroom villa can easily accommodate upto 6 guests and is within a 10km radius from famous beaches like Calangute and others.

Accessibility: Taxi and bike stands are situated right outside the villa. One can avail for a taxi service from the airport to the place which is approximately an hour long drive.

Price per night: Rs 3,850 approx.

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