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Wipe Right: These Products Will Help You Start Afresh in 2018!


Somehow that word is synonymous with this time of the year. New Year's resolutions, detox plans and a definite decision to rid your life of all the toxic people. The way I have been doing propaganda for skincare through last year, I might as well be called the skincare whisperer or something, but I think skincare is going to be HUGE this year. And with the advent of K-beauty, the double cleanse has made its way into every beauty enthusiast’s CTM routine.

Keeping up with that theme, here are a few of my favourite cleansing products and some that are on my wishlist to make sure you wipe that slate off and begin 2018, squeaky clean!

Start this year on the right face. Cleanse all the toxins as you move along, because YOU need to do you with flair. Nothing is tainting your pretty face now!


Published on Jan 6, 2018
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