Not Your Basic Sheet Mask! These K-Beauty Finds Will Give Sunday Funday A New Meaning!

Sharon Alphonso

Beauty Writer

Did I ever tell you why I’m obsessed with K-Beauty products? If I haven’t spilt the beans yet, I will now. I’m in love with their attractive packaging and unique choice of ingredients. I am a huge fan of their sheet masks because of the variety I get to pick from. Sunday afternoons are when I usually spend my time reading, listening to music and slapping a sheet mask on my face. It’s a day of pampering for me and makes my skin look healthy and prepped up for the week. If you prefer to relax on Sundays as well, I would suggest that you make use of a sheet mask too. Here are 9 K-Beauty finds that will make Sunday a FUN-DAY! (You’re welcome.)

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Nuts For Coconuts

As soon as you open this pack, you’ll instantly get a whiff of fresh coconut water. The mask also contains antibiotic properties which protect the skin from bacteria and pollution. The sheet is made out of pure cotton and designed to give your skin a clear, glowing and dewy finish.

Dear Packer

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Crushed Green Tea Leaves

In case you missed drinking your morning cup of green tea, don’t worry! You can totally put this green tea sheet mask on your skin! The best part is that the mask contains rich extracts and antioxidants which are excellent when it comes to improving skin’s overall texture. We promise that after using this mask, your skin will look hydrated and feel baby soft.

The Face Shop

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Juicy Blueberries

We bet no one can resist the scent of fresh blueberries on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Which is why we present to you this lovely sheet mask! Since blueberries are rich in Omega-3 and are a powerhouse of all good things, it’s perfect for skin that lacks moisture and radiance. You’ve got to try it to believe it!

It’s Skin

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Powdery Charcoal

If your skin is dry and sensitive, you totally must give this charcoal sheet mask a shot. Enriched with anise oil, basil oil and charcoal powder, the mask does a fab job at absorbing oil and preventing acne. Plus, for the price, it’s a steal!


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Gooey, Sticky Honey

The face mask isn’t your ordinary face mask. The sheet contains honey from New Zealand's Manuka flowers. If that isn’t convincing enough, you must know that it also has green tea, orchids, camilla leaves and cactus juice. Washing your face after using the mask will ensure that your skin looks fresh and stays soft.


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Natural Snail Mucus

Who would have ever thought snail mucus would work its magic spell on skin, right? Well, this one does! To use the product, simply wash your face and use a toner to cleanse your pores. Remove the sheet and gently spread it evenly over the entire face. Leave it on for about 20-30 minutes and wipe your skin with a hot, damp towel.  


6 sheet mask

Red, Red Wine

Didn’t we tell you the Korean beauty sheets masks have the coolest ingredients EVER? This mask happens to be the best thing ever if you’re a red wine lover! It has real wine extracts and a water based essence which helps to purify the skin.


7 sheet mask

The Berry Feast

Berries are not only yummy for your tummy, but they’re also delicious for your skin! Loaded with extracts from green tea, bearberries and mulberries, we bet that your skin is going to be in for a treat. Keeping it on for 30 minutes is enough to give your skin the nourishment it deserves.


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Mother Of Pearls

Downed too many shots last night? No wonder your skin looks dry, tired and wrinkled. You need this pearl mask sheet in your life ASAP. It’ll help keep your skin moist, soft and nourished. Did we mention that the mask will also protect your skin from the sun and pollution? Yep, it’s pretty awesome that way. *wink*


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Published on Jan 05, 2018
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