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We Found 9 Amazing Jeans With The Prettiest Embroidery

Do you have a pair of “happy clothes” in your wardrobe? You know, the ones you slip into on mornings when you are feeling giddy as a puppy? We do, and so do some of our favourite fashion girls. For example, we love embroidered jeans, it was a big hit in the spring of 2017. One of the biggest denim trends of the season, we are excited to take it forward this New Year as well! And why not, embroidered clothing is your best chance at adding artistic details to an ensemble. Such tender details further enhance the appeal of solid casuals like jeans, making them a much sought-after look.

From subtle small placements to all over detailing, the embroidered jeans come in an array of designs. Bootcuts to boyfriend jeans, we have put together a selection hot on the market right now!

Pro tip: Maintain the embroidery on your jeans by hand or dry washing the jeans, avoid machine wash or tumble dryers. Happy Shopping!

Published on Jan 24, 2018
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