Not Just Jeans! 7 Amazing Ways You Can Style Denim

Not Just Jeans! 7 Amazing Ways You Can Style Denim
Empires may rise and fall, seasons may change, trends may come and go...but there is one thing that will never, ever budge or go out of style - and that is denim. Born as the classic denim jeans that humanity cannot do without, the fabric is so versatile that it has quickly caught on with other forms of clothing and emerged as a favourite. We’re pretty sure that all of us have more than one denim item in our closet that we absolutely cannot do without. Here is the POPxo Team dropping some serious denim style inspiration!

1. Washed Out Denim Shirt And Minis

Gopika how to style denim

Gopika EM, Social Media Manager

A denim shirt is a quintessential wardrobe item for every girl. Who other than our in-house fashionista, Gopika, to show us how to style it the perfect way?! She wears her washed out denim shirt with a patterned mini skirt and classic black pumps, taking the otherwise casual shirt to a whole different level!

2. All Denim Everything

Avisha how to style denim

Avisha Chowdhary, Social Media Coordinator

People might shy away from wearing denim on denim, but Avisha nails the look effortlessly. Notice how she played with patterns and lines on her denim top and pant to cut the monotony. So much inspiration! Just throw on a colourful scarf or accessory to polish up your ensemble.


3. Denim Midi Shirt Dress

caroline how to style denim

Caroline D’Cruz, Assistant Editor

Shirt dresses have that lovely vintage element that we just can’t get enough of. Caroline pulls off a retro chic look in her midi denim dress. Loving the way she kept her look casual yet edgy by splashing on a dark lip colour and black plimsolls. Steal her look for your next day out!

4. Denim Jacket + Plaid Midi Skirt

how to style denim

Krita Raut, Editorial Manager

We knew denim and plaid were a good duo, but Krita makes it seem like they were, indeed, meant to be together forever! Look at how cute she looks in her denim jacket and plaid midi skirt! The skirt, boots and the jacket - she drops some major winter outfit inspiration for all of us...and you. :-)

5. The Casual Cool

simar how to style denim

Simar Rana, Senior Lifestyle Writer

The classic way to wear any denim jacket is to pair it with a white tee inside. A guaranteed winner when it comes to casual dressing. Simar shows us a flawless way to get the classic denim look right...and looks gorgeous as always!

6. Play In Denim Dungarees

cherry how to style denim

Cherry Jain, Video Coordinator

If there is one thing we can never outgrow, it is the dungaree. And when the dungaree in question is a denim one, then how can we take our eyes off of it? Cherry knows how to do justice to her favourite denim piece by pairing it with a denim shirt and a pink scarf to add the perfect amount of pop. Can’t wait for summer to come already!

7. Oversized Denim Shirt

komal how to style denim

Komal Pandey, Video Coordinator

Another item you can totally steal from the men’s closet is one of their denim shirts. Komal manages to pull off a tomboyish yet chic look in her oversized denim shirt and boyfriend jeans. Her platform heels cut and balance out the boxy element of the boyfriend jeans. Love the way she still manages to keep it feminine by adding the perfect accessories and a corset that is to die for!

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