9 Things You Will Definitely Relate To If You Are Absent-Minded

9 Things You Will Definitely Relate To If You Are Absent-Minded

How many of us can relate to Drew Barrymore from the movie 50 First Dates on a personal level? Forgetting things, events, names as they spiral and get lost forever in the black hole of your mind, with no trace whatsoever. Getting lost mid-conversation, zoning out into your mind space and then making a desperate attempt to pick up from where you left. If you experience all these things, then yes you’re absent-minded, and you sure as hell must relate to some or all of these things, if you remember that is…

1.The constant struggle of finding things, which almost makes you wonder that you should have an hour or two long quota reserved for it in your daily routine

“Car keys, oh my god where did I leave them? They could be in the car, on the shelf, under my pillow, in my jeans pocket, in my bag, or on Saturn…OMG!”

1 absent minded

2. Excitedly sharing a piece of gossip with a friend who told you about it in the first place

“You know, Anamika she was caught with a bag of roofies and then… wait, why does it seem like you already know this?!”

3. Momentarily forgetting your own mobile number

“I can swear I remember it, but it’s just not coming to me at the moment….”

4. Keeping up with long conversations is a task for you because you keep zoning out

“Last I was listening to the story of her going to the prom in a blue dress, so now why the hell is she telling me that she spotted a tiger with his cubs.”

4 absent minded

5. Texting someone telling them you just can’t find your phone

“Dude, it was right here a moment ago and now it’s gone!!!”

6. Throwing the muffin from the brown paper bag into the bin and saving the bag instead

“Every single time. aghhhhhhhh.”

7. Missing your station while on the metro has become your thing

That was just the third time in a row that this happened.

7 absent minded

8. Making to-do lists and downloading reminder apps to remind yourself of just about everything

“I’d left my to-do list just here, now it’s gone! I should just put post-its all over my body and become Ghajini

9. Wishing people their birthday or anniversary, a day (sometimes even a month) after or before the real day

“Are you sure you remember your birthday right?”

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