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Here's what you need to know if you're dating an introvert!

Here's what you need to know if you're dating an introvert!

Dating introverts is, well...different. Especially if you love going out and meeting new people and he prefers staying in. Though he will walk miles for you, sometimes it is just a tad annoying to convince him to begin walking in the first place. Here are 11 things you will understand about introverts and dating:

1. He totally understands when you need some space

You never have to explain why you don’t want to talk to anybody for a while and just be alone. He doesn’t just understand it but also always supports the idea of ‘me’ time! Perhaps one of the best things about dating introverts!

2. Small talk isn’t really his thing

Dating introvert means you don’t ever want to leave him alone with people he doesn’t know just because he hates trying to make any kind of small talk. So you always have to be there to run interference. But that’s not so bad since…

3. He never forces you to hang out with people

Introverts and dating actually work pretty well together. That means he will be okay if you just don’t feel like going out one night. He’d love to just hang out with you and cuddle up!

3 dating an introvert - group hug

4. On the contrary, you have to make ALL group plans

Whether it is hanging out with your friends or hanging out with his friends, you’re always the one initiating the group plans. And you have to provide him with several well thought out reasons as to why he should be there.

5. He is just an amazing listener

We’re not saying all men are bad listeners but introvert men are just a tad better at really listening to their partner than the rest of them (oops, we said it!). And we would like to acknowledge and respect them for that.

6. He says ‘you’re right’ just because he doesn’t wish to fight

Introverts hate fighting. For right reasons too. It’s such a waste of energy. So even if you’re wrong, he will just let you win because he simply wants to avoid it all. (Which kind of takes the fun out of fighting… Which, in the end, is a great thing!)

6 dating an introvert - youre right breaking bad

7. They care about the little things

Dating an introvert means they can be super-sensitive too! Introverts believe that the bigger picture can’t be seen without the little details. And hence, they always focus on the little things. He will remember your favourite ice-cream flavour and even get it for you when you are down in the abyss of PMS. He's just adorable that way!

8. ‘Hmm’ is his favourite word

You’re talking on the phone and you’ve just finished telling him how horrible your day was and he replies with a ‘hmm’. It annoys you to the core, doesn’t it? Well, it’s not like he didn’t listen to what you just said or isn’t interested, ‘hmm’ is just his favourite word. Simple!

9. But he also knows how to really have a heart-to-heart

Sure your introvert boyfriend is sometimes avoiding confrontations but when he really gets down to a heart-to-heart conversation, he does it right. He looks at not just his point of view but yours too and only makes an informed decision. And those 3 AM talks with him are what memories are made of, right?!

9 dating an introvert - movie night

10. He is always trying to convince you to stay in

You can try convincing an introvert to step out for a night of dancing and partying but you know he will always have some very valid points as to why the two of you should just stay in and relax. The only reason he will go out most of the time is because he loves you so. Which works for you too!

11. But on the brighter side, he never says no to pizza and movie night

However, on the days when even you don’t feel like stepping out, you two fall into sync. You could call him up for some pizza and movie in bed anytime and he will be up for it. After all, you are one of the very few people he actually enjoys spending time with.

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Published on Jul 23, 2017
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