Prep For Your Body Type: Our Styling Guide For Pear-Shaped Women

Prep For Your Body Type: Our Styling Guide For Pear-Shaped Women

If you can draw a triangle over your body’s silhouette, starting from the top of your chest right down to the bottom of your hips, this story is for you. And if you are picturing a woman with a pear for a body with legs and arms, don’t! To be precise, the pear-shaped body type stands out with full hips and thighs as focus points. This is accompanied by a defined slender waist, narrow shoulders (narrower than the hips) and a small bust.

Being pear-shaped prototype has its pros and cons. On one hand, the uber feminine silhouette is one of the most sultry and sought after body types in pop culture (hint: Jennifer Lopez). On the other, it poses styling difficulties which at times leads to uneven and stumpy looks. Fortunately, there are some styling hacks that can come in handy for the bootylicious behinds. From misdirection to camouflage, we have narrowed down top tips to solve your curvy woes!.

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1. Emphasise Your Upper Body


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Being pear-shaped comes with its share of perks. Go wild with details on your tops and blouses, ruffles, embellishments and much else. This additional detailing to the upper half your body will balance out your heavier lower half. Also, it keeps the gawkers at bay.

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2. Show Off That Defined Waist


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The quintessential Indian drape, the saree is the most forgiving when it comes to pear-shaped bodies. Show off your naturally-defined waist in a chiffon saree (make sure to tie it closer to your navel). Alternatively, you can also take a casual approach with solid crop tops and a pair of high-waisted jeans.

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3. Elongate Your Lower Half

This styling hack can be especially helpful for solving bottom heavy workwear woes. Pencil skirts or formal trousers with subtle vertical stripes can be used to give the illusion of a longer lower half. This will give your office solids a polished feel and avoid the risk of looking stumpy in the fitted silhouette.

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4. Bring Out The A-lines!

Bridge the hip-waist differential with an A-line silhouette. It comes closest to mimicking your natural form and the flared bottom does a great job at camouflaging the heavy bottom. Stock on pretty A-line skirts and dresses for an easy-to-wear chic deal.

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5. Go With Wide Legs


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With wide leg pants were dominating the season, it’s imperative that pear-shaped ladies get behind it. This style can work wonders when you wish to tone down the body but still stay feminine. We absolutely love this 80s-inspired look, pair it with a smart button down and you have a stylish contemporary ensemble at your disposal.

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6. Accessorising Is Key!


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If you are a woman with a voluptuous behind, accessories should be your best friend. Whether it is a belt to cinch up your waist or a dainty scarf to pair with your lighter tops, use these elements as talking points of your look.  

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