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So How Much Does A Destination Wedding In Goa *Really* Cost?

So How Much Does A Destination Wedding In Goa *Really* Cost?

A destination wedding in Goa is probably right on top of each ours wedding wishlist. Nothing can be more exciting or more romantic than hosting your wedding at one of the most popular beach destinations of India. But blame it on the gorgeous beaches or the varied venue choices, hosting a destination wedding in Goa can be a costly affair and if your expenditures are not handled skillfully, then you’re in for trouble. We spoke to wedding planning experts Shruti Tiwari, Managing Partner of Vogue Luxury Weddings  and Ajay Modgil, F5 Advertainment Private Limited to help you solve the mystery questions and also assist you with a concrete budget plan to bring you a step closer to your dream wedding in Goa!

Venue & Accommodation

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This is the number 1 priority and takes up at least 50% of your wedding budget. Your venue and accommodation mostly depends on the number of people that are attending the event. Keep in mind that a hotel or a resort in Goa can accommodate only up to 350 people on an average. However, if your guest list exceeds this limit, you will have to place them in two different hotels. Explains Goa based wedding planner Shruti Tiwari, “Selection of hotels depends a lot on your budget. A mid budget hotel could cost you easily upto 40-45 lakhs approximately. La Cabana Beach & Spa and the Riva Beach Resort are excellent choices for it. However, if your wedding falls in the off season then the rates are considerably low, sometimes even half of the initial season rate!” 

However, if you still want to do your own math then Ajay Modgil’s simple calculation technique would not only help you save time but would also give you a fair idea about your expenses. Ajay shares, “Any average destination wedding in Goa across two days starts from around 30 lakhs. Room rates for a mid budget to a five star hotel usually start from Rs 15,000 to Rs 25,000 plus taxes (extra charges for plus one adult and child over 12 years) on a per night basis. Budget hotels and other resorts would cost you anywhere around Rs 10,000 to Rs Rs 15,000 approximately. One easy way to calculate hotel costs will be to multiply the room rates with the number of people (mostly two in one room) which could further be multiplied with the number of days.” 

Which simply means: Room rates X Number of people in each room X Number of days. 

Expert Tip: If you are looking to shell out anything between Rs 70 lakhs to Rs 1 crore and upwards, then Shruti highly recommends the Park Hyatt Goa Resort & Spa  and Grand Hyatt. For a mid budget offering, Alila Diwa Goa and Holiday Inn Resort would cost you anywhere around Rs 65-80 lakhs approximately.

Food, Dessert & Drinks


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What is a wedding without some lip smacking food, decadent desserts and an overflow of drinks! This is another very important component of a wedding which has to be carefully catered to. With a large variety of delicacies available from all over the world, it is very easy to overshoot your budget on food. “One cannot hire a private caterer in hotels and therefore has to oblige by the food available in the hotel/resort itself. It is very difficult to give an approximate budget on food as it varies considerably and is mostly included in the hotel package. Drinks too, are decided by the clients and the hotel then arranges for it accordingly,” explains Shruti.



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You can choose to go all out with your decor or keep it minimalistic and chic. Either way prepare to shell out anywhere upto Rs 18 lakhs during peak seasons and around 10 lakhs during off season for a two day wedding. Shruti shares, “We team up with local decorators and florists and depending on the design that the couple desires, quote accordingly. Taking into account all the pre-wedding and post-wedding dos, your decor arrangements would cost you anywhere between Rs 15 - 18 lakhs for a lavish decor and Rs 8 - 10 lakhs for mid budget decor. But if you are still looking to save up a few bucks, then the La Cabana Beach & Spa has a beautiful beach side view that’s perfect for your pheras. The view let’s you do away with any major decor so you don’t have to shell out much.”

Entertainment & DJ

It is true, your wedding guests will mostly remember the memorable experiences of your big day and to make every second of it worth their while, a great DJ is of utmost importance. While Ajay advises small time artists and bands that suit your taste and requirements, Shruti thinks that a great DJ is the heart of a party. “It is surprising but local bands and DJ’s are way costlier than the one’s outside of Goa. A DJ in Goa would cost anywhere around Rs 45,000 for a wedding. Local bands and entertainers can go upto Rs 75,000 to even a lakh! However DJ licenses can cost much more and are to be solely incurred by the client,” cautions Shruti.

The Verdict

Planning a destination wedding in Goa is no cake walk and would require a lot of time, effort and research. According to both Shruti and Ajay, who have been in the wedding planning business for years together, an average destination wedding would cost anywhere around Rs 50 Lakhs and upwards during peak shaadi season starting from October to February. The off seasons are remarkably cheaper and could easily fall under the budget of Rs 35-40 lakhs approximately. 

Our job was to help you with the nitty gritties of the budget involved, you can do the math!

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Published on Nov 17, 2017
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