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These Hairstyles Are Sure To Make You Feel Super Confident At Your Next Job Interview!

These Hairstyles Are Sure To Make You Feel Super Confident At Your Next Job Interview!

‘Dress for the job you want, not the one you have’ is probably the most sensible advice anyone can give you. This isn’t just about your wardrobe but about grooming too. The right hairstyle or cut apart from your outfit at interivew can drastically impact your first impression. Keeping that in mind we’ve rounded up a list of hairstyle ideas we think will help you ace that job interview.

1. Classic Ponytail

Give your pony tail a twist by wrapping a bit of hair around the elastic band to hide it. Not only is it more stylish but it also looks polished. Opt for a high pony tail as it is more professional and gives an illusion of being taller.

2. High Bun With Poof

Tight buns are too severe and passé, opt instead for a softer, pulled back bun. Whether you wear it high or low, a perfectly puffy bun never fails. Adding volume to your hair by back combing, hair spray or using a texturising product will give your bun more definition and shape.

3. The Perfect Blow-Dry!

Freshly blow dried hair that looks glossy and sleek always impresses. Resist going for poker straight, instead opt for a slight curls in the outwards direction can soften the entire look. This gives a more natural yet groomed appearance.

4. Half Up, Half Down

A more relaxed and extremely easy to achieve hairdo is the ‘half up half down.’ Take the crown section of your hair (use a tailcomb) and pin them at the back. You can jazz it up with a minimalist clip or add some volume by opting for a hair mousse and then pinning it up.

5. Quick Side Bun

A fresher take on the classic bun, the side bun can be done in a matter of minutes. Get yourself a lot of hair pins to hold the bun together, so that it’s not messy and looks a lot neater.  Pair this with a side parting or side swept bangs to complete the look.

6. Crown Braids


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Crown braids can be very formal when they are done properly and also shows a more creative side of your personality. If you’re applying to a creative or fashion company, turning up with a well-done crown braid gives you major style points.

Whatever style you select remember to go with the one that gives you a boost of confidence, as that is what really lands you the job. Good luck!