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7 Simple Writing Tips You Need To Ace Your Instagram Captions

7 Simple Writing Tips You Need To Ace Your Instagram Captions

Staying interesting on social media is as essential as existence for millennials. While the internet is often overflowing with cringe-worthy posts and cheesy captions, here’s how you can ace it on the image sharing platform. We bring you 7 easy ways to amp up your Instagram caption game:

1. Be Vague

You don’t need to tell people EXACTLY how you’re feeling! Play it cool, with a pinch of nonchalance. Caption a selfie with your favourite movie dialogue or even a quote from the most recent book you read. Okay? Okay.

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2. Minimal Hashtags

If you have a private profile, your hashtags are solely for the benefit of those who already read your caption, so make them fun instead of trending - #noautographsplease. But if you run a public profile then put a few and completely necessary hashtags in your caption, forward the rest to the comments section, it helps declutter and also enables relevant people to discover your profile.

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3. No Song Lyrics

Yes, even if it’s Beyonce it isn’t okay. The only song lyrics that are acceptable to be used are unheard songs that make you sound creative (No more mainstream).

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4. Poetry Always Works

Pick up a few words by your favourite Instagram poet and use it to caption a beautiful sunset you clicked. Make sure to give credits/tag the writer so you can redirect each others following.

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5. Consider The Length

If you have something important to say, something informative then feel free to put it all in your caption. But if it’s a picture of a cup of coffee then post a vague line instead, sense the mood and match your aesthetics.

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6. Shoutouts

It is important to connect with other Instagram users, exchange shoutouts even if you aren’t benefiting from them greatly. Tag the brands you’re wearing, restaurants you’re eating at and the authors you’re reading, it’s informative and helps generate traffic.

7. Grammar Is A Big Deal

Don’t eat up your words, grammar is a huge part of getting your caption right. Always double check your ‘your and you’re’.

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