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Bomb AF Selfie Captions When Your Hair And Makeup Is On Point!

Sharon Alphonso

Beauty Writer

Looking for the perfect beauty quote to put as a your next selfie caption? We’ve got you covered, girl. The ones mentioned on this list will not only fetch you a bunch of likes on Insta, but will also get you some secret admirers! All you’ve got to do is copy any of these 20 sassy beauty quotes and post that selfie!

When your brows are on point

1. Eyebrows - the one thing you can get into shape without exercising.

1 beauty quotes

2. Don’t let anyone with bad eyebrows lecture you about life

3. All I want is world peace… and perfect eyebrows.

3 beauty quotes

4. I’m not perfect, but my eyebrows are.

5. I like big brows and I cannot lie.

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When you want to flaunt that pout

6. Lipstick can’t solve all problems, but it’s a pretty great start.

7. The brighter the lips, the brighter the smile.

7 beauty quotes

8. I run on coffee, sarcasm and lipstick.

9. When in doubt, wear red lipstick.

8 beauty quotes

10. Marry a man who will ruin your lipstick, not your mascara.

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When you let your hair steal the spotlight

11. Life is short. Make every hair flip count. 

11 beauty quotes

12. Bad Hair Day: A’int nobody got time for that!

13. I’m a queen crowned in my curls.

14. Messy bun and getting stuff done.

 14 beauty quotes

15. Happiness is… a good hair day!

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When your eye make-up game is strong

16. Just wing it. Life, eyeliner, everything.

16 beauty quotes

17. Keep your lashes long and your standards high.

18. I got 99 problems, but my lashes ain’t one.

19. I would cry, but my eyeliner is designer.

19 beauty quotes

20. Success means: getting the cat eye right on the first try.

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Images: Shutterstock, Giphy


Published on Oct 02, 2017
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