Sunday Shorts: 3 Wet & Wild Tales Of Having Sex In The Pool!

Sunday Shorts: 3 Wet & Wild Tales Of Having Sex In The Pool!

1. Wild Dreams

He holds my hand as I step into the swimming pool. The water is cool but his skin, it’s warm. We are looking into each other’s eyes as I slowly walk towards him. I can see the water droplets on his bare chest and his hair so perfectly sculpted. Now we are standing so close that the only thing I can hear is his breath and the soft gushing of the water. As his lips move closer to mine, I think for the last time, do I want this? And as they touch mine, I know I do!

I wake up with a start in the hotel room, it’s just starting to get dark. He is standing at the edge of the bed. “C’mon, don’t you want to come down to the pool?” he asks with a smile on his face. Some dreams do come true, I laugh, as I get out of bed and into his arms.

1 sex in the pool

2. A Great Morning

We were on a vacation and had a whole villa to ourselves. After all, we valued our alone time over everything else. It was early morning and he was in the pool when I stepped out of the house onto the porch. I mentally thanked all the Gods for this perfect specimen of a man I called my husband. As I stepped into the pool, the water was too cold for my body, which was heating up with every moment that I spent looking at him.

He pulled me into the water and slowly undid my bikini. Kissing my neck, he let it fall away and float in the water. As he explored my body in that cold, cold water, I couldn’t help but wonder “when did I get so lucky!” All I want now, is for all my mornings to start like that!

2 sex in the pool

3. The Surprise

He said he'd be home late and I was already mad. It had been a long day and I was craving a warm soak in the pool since I clocked out of work. Slipping on my bikini, I made my way to the backyard, marvelling at the inviting ripples shimmering off the soft lights in the pool.  

Just as I dropped my towel, I felt strong biceps grab my waist and in one fluid motion, sweep me off my feet. My heart raced as I felt him walk slowly to the pool, my pulse quickening with every step he took. Once in the water, he let my body unfurl from his arms and locked his mischievous smile on my face. Pushing me to the edge of the pool, he trailed his fingers down my neck, making my breath stop and look see him stark naked.

"Hey honey", he whispered into my ear. "I'm home."

3 sex in the pool

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