Why Morning Sex Might Just Be The Best Thing Ever! *Wink*

Why Morning Sex Might Just Be The Best Thing Ever! *Wink*
Bringing in the new day with some good ol’ sex? Hmm… sounds like a fine idea to me. And science seems to totally agree with me on this one. Here are 8 reasons why morning sex is not just fun, but beneficial too. Let’s focus on pleasure first thing in the morning then - in the name of health, of course!

1. It’s what the universe wants you to do!

How else would you explain the phenomenon of “morning wood”, huh? Plus it’s not just that men wake up kinda prepared in the mornings, but they last longer too.

2. The clear, morning light makes for a better view than the dim shadows of the night…

And we all know just how important visual stimulation in the bedroom is, right? So, instead of trying to cover your curves in the dark of the night, let the soft light bounce off it and feel great in your skin.

morning sex

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3. You are bound by time in the morning and the resultant spontaneous quickie is actually quite exciting!

When you know you can’t afford to get late to work, and have only so much time to squeeze in a quickie, it feels like a fun game and gives you the heart pounding adrenaline rush you need for an awesome climax.

4. Could there be a happier start to your day, really?

Sex releases the happy hormone, oxytocin, that gives you a boost of positive energy. Satisfied and full of energy at the start of the day - isn’t that the dream? Btw, a jump in the step is a very real thing, guys (and now you know where it’s coming from).

morning sex

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5. It’s all you need to unlock the power of your mind, right at the start of the day.

Research has shown how a good session between the sheets activates your brain by pumping much more oxygen and blood to it, resulting in all the focus and attention you need at work. Much better than thinking of sex over work, ain’t it?

6. You’re rested and fresh, so is he. Never would both your moods and energies match more.

You know that nagging, persistent guilt you have when you partner wants to have sex at the end of a long day, but you are just too tired for it? Yeah, that won’t be a problem anymore - infact you’d both find yourselves quite coordinated in your desires and energies in the morning.

morning sex

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7. That envy worthy glowing skin and lustrous locks? Keep counting them perks.

The release of the beauty-giving estrogen hormone will ensure you get that glow that other women flaunt. It’s like sex in the morning is the one cosmetic you shouldn’t leave your home without *winks*

8. And… You can burn calories without even getting out of your bed!!

Wow. You are convinced, aren’t you?

morning sex

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