POPxo’s Beauty Experts Headed Out To Skin Alive For A Skin Treatment And Here’s The Review

POPxo’s Beauty Experts Headed Out To Skin Alive For A Skin Treatment And Here’s The Review

Living in a city like Delhi, dust, pollution and the weather really take a toll on your skin. After a long battle with our skin, experts from POPxo decided to head out to Skin Alive for a consult. Skin Alive was founded by Dr. Chiranjiv Chhabra, it is a chain of clinics that specializes in dermatology and aesthetics. Here’s our experience at Skin Alive.

Dr. Priyanka Aggarwal, the Consultant Aesthetic Physician began the session with an in depth set of questions about my medical history, skincare regime, skin concerns and lifestyle habits. Dr. Chhabra briefly glanced at the evaluation sheet and my skin and advised an Oxygen Therapy Facial followed by Skin Rejuvenation Laser for scarring. The treatment I was told, was best suited for acne prone skin.

SkinAlive Review

Here’s what you need to know about the Oxygen Therapy and Laser Rejuvenation Facial

An OXYjet machine is used for the facial, delivering pressurized oxygen to your skin through a fine mist. It stimulates production of collagen, hydrates and rejuvenate the skin. The laser rejuvenation treatment makes use of a non ablative resurfacing laser that improve your skin’s texture and eliminate scarring. The process is pain free and has no down time, which means you can go back to your everyday routine almost instantly. Signs of aging, pigmentation, acne, blemishes, wrinkles and fine lines diminish with each session.

The treatment had a lot of steps, here are some of the notes I took during the session

It started with a deep cleanse using a dermalogica pre-cleanse solution followed by a blackhead extraction. An antiseptic solution was applied to sooth any open pores after the blackhead extraction and the technician gave me an acupuncture massage for relaxation. The massage was slightly uncomfortable though since I was recovering from a neck injury.  A cream with orange extract and vitamin E was massaged into my skin. This was going to help with dryness, dullness and general fatigue of the skin. After this, a cooling cucumber gel with vitamin C extract was massaged into the skin using a massager.

Skin Alive Review Treatment

This was followed by the OXYjet treatment, A very fine, very cold, rose water-like oxygen infused mist was sprayed all over my skin. This was the most relaxing step of the treatment. Once this was done, we moved on to the laser room and a laser was run all across my face for about 15 mins.The laser was pain free, it just felt a bit warm on the skin.

Here’s my view:

The clinic was clean, well maintained and the staff was very professional and friendly. Dr. Chhabra and all the other empanelled doctor’s were highly qualified. So you’re definitely in good hands. The entire consultation and procedure was long though, it took over two hours. It involved a lot of wait time, but this however is the case with most dermatologists these days. The Oxy Facial although extremely relaxing, is probably a procedure you’d want to consider getting on a weekend when you’re not pressed for time. A single treatment of this costs upwards of Rs 6,000.

The immediate result of the treatment is glowy, hydrated skin. Long term results are more promising. Dull skin, pigmentation, blemishes, acne scarring and fine lines and wrinkles reduce with regular treatments. Post treatment care is quite simple, it required only a soothing cream to be applied for 3 days to minimise any redness caused by the laser.

How many sessions do you need?

They would recommend a minimum of 2-4 sessions, maybe even more depending on your skin. I was advised 10 sessions! Packages are available at a discounted price and work out to be more cost effective.

Would I get another session of the facial? Probably not. In my opinion, the skin rejuvenation laser is something I would rather get done separately instead of the combo. A laser is far more effective and penetrative to target acne scarring and blemishes and these were my primary concerns. I don’t suffer from dry, dehydrated skin. If those are your issues, the Oxygen Facial is definitely a must try!

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After the treatment, Dr. Priyanka Rawal, the Skincare Consultation and Lipologist advised me on skincare products and vitamins best suited for my skin. These included a cleanser, moisturiser, sunscreen and vitamin C tablets.

Incase you’re wondering about the products recommended, here’s a list:

You can get the Avene Clenance Cleansing Gel (Rs 699) for troubled skin

The Sebamed Clearface Care Gel (Rs 500) is a great lightweight gel based moisturizer perfect for acne prone skin

For sunscreen, I preferred to use my own. I love the Lotus HerbalsOur Experience At Skin Alive Clinic | POPxo Safe Sun Uv Screen Matte Gel (Rs 236), it is the only sunscreen that doesn’t break me out.

You can buy the Celin 500mg (Vitamin C tablets) from your nearest pharmacy.