#MythNoMore: Is Coconut Oil *Really* Good For Your Skin?

#MythNoMore: Is Coconut Oil *Really* Good For Your Skin?

“I got 99 problems and coconut oil solved most of them”, that’s what my coconut oil-obsessed friend tells me all the time! This miracle worker, has given a new life to her skin and hair and I’m not surprised, since many of us consider coconut oil a wonder product. Plus It’s easily available at your local grocery store (you probably already have it in your kitchen!).

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Since I was a kid, every Sunday morning my mother would have my sister and I sit on the floor while she massaged our scalps with lukewarm coconut oil. It used to feel amazing and the result was great - my hair would shine all day long and feel super smooth and frizz-free. Actually, coconut oil is the only product that I haven’t replaced when it comes to pampering my frizzy and oily tresses in all these years. Just like most Indian girls everywhere, I’m convinced of this wonderful oil’s moisturizing and nourishing abilities, so I decided to see if it *really* works wonders on my skin.

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Coconut oil is packed with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties which is why it treats skin problems and even helps get rid of blemishes and scars. Apart from using the oil as a moisturizer, there are so many ways one can include it in their daily skincare routine. To test the magic of coconut oil and to know its limitations, I decided to use it regularly on my face and the rest of my body.

What I did:

Before going to bed, I took 2-3 drop of coconut oil and massaged my face with it. I would do this after washing my face with my regular, daily cleanser, Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Face Wash, which is easily available on Nykaa For Rs 439.

Similarly, I took a few drops of the oil and applied it on my arms and legs thoroughly. All I did was replace my moisturizer with coconut oil for 10 days.

Expert Speak:

2 coconut oil - sebamed gel and clean and clear moisturizer

I spoke to Dr. Jaishree Sharad of Skinfinity, Mumbai, and here’s what she had to say about coconut oil and using it on different skin types, “Coconut oil is great for the body, not for face. It is a good emollient that moisturises the skin and also increases the skin surface lipid levels, reducing dryness of skin. It is a safe and cold pressed oil that has antimicrobial properties. However, coconut oil is too heavy & filled with fat which can clog pores and result in whiteheads or blackheads in people who are prone to acne or in those who have normal or oily skin. It is ok to use on the face in age groups above 50 and if the person's skin is overly dry. Those who cannot use coconut oil can use water based moisturisers (sebamed care, emolene, clean and clear oil free moisturiser)”

The Verdict:

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My arms and legs definitely felt smoother and brighter. There were some recent marks on my arms and knees and I’m ecstatic because they have started to lighten, no kidding!

My face, on the other hand has different results. I was hoping that the acne scars and blemishes will begin to fade as they did on my arms and legs. But, much to my dismay, I discovered tiny red bumps on my face (the remnants of which you can see in the picture). I noticed this 3-4 days after I had started this experiment and immediately stopped using coconut oil on my face.

I’d say, it was great for my body and I’m pretty sure that coconut oil has replaced my moisturizer for good. But I’ll stick to my trustworthy, dermatologist recommended moisturizer - Acrofy lotion (it’s easily available at your nearest pharmacy) when it comes to my face.