Bye-Bye Blowouts: These Tips Will Give You FAB Hair Without Touching Any Stylers!

Bye-Bye Blowouts: These Tips Will Give You FAB Hair Without Touching Any Stylers!

Every single time we get our hair cut, blow dried or styled, there is always this thought that crosses our minds, ‘I wish it would stay like this permanently.’ Raise your hands if you have tried your hardest to make the effect of a blowout last longer than it should/ can! We bring you a few ways that you could get your natural hair to look set AF. Here’s how you can get great hair without blow drying it and a few ways to increase the longevity of your blowout.

1. The right haircut

1 great hair

It is absolutely imperative that you keep your hair type and texture in mind when you go in for a haircut. Understand your scalp, see if it is flat or rounded - this would affect your hairline, and that in turn would affect the way your hair falls. Look at your texture and then get a haircut. Speak to your hairstylist, and research thoroughly before you go cut crazy.

Once you are done getting that perfect haircut, treat it with some Streax PRO Hair Serum Vita Gloss (Rs 195).

2. Hydration

This is not just about drinking loads of water but also treating your hair and scalp to moisturizing and keratin-infused treatments. Apart from that, make sure you give your mane a healthy dose of serums and oils. This eliminates frizz, giving your tresses a smoother look.

Nourish your mane with Macadamia Natural Oil Healing Oil Treatment (Rs 500).

3. No towel drying

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We have read in numerous places that using a towel to dry hair after washing it could potentially damage the hair. Because the hair is wet, it is more prone to breaking off and the harshness of the towel along with the rubbing motion could be damaging. You could use either an old T-shirt or a terry cloth wipe to rid your hair of the excess water. This will ensure that your hair isn’t stripped of it’s natural oils and is more settled once it dries completely.

Make towel drying a little easy with this Head Wrap Towel (Rs 235).

4. Wash correctly

By this, we don’t mean just the method but also the products that you use. Make sure you research well and speak to your hairstylist before you purchase your shampoo and conditioner. It should definitely be the right one for your hair. Apart from that, if your hair is dry or brittle, use your conditioner before the shampoo. Alternatively, just wash your hair in the downward direction so you don’t mess the ends up.

Treat your hair to some TLC with the Moroccanoil Hydrating Shampoo (Rs 1,800).

5. Get a wide tooth comb

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We’ve heard this and probably seen our moms doing it too. But with the advent of the tangle teasers, we sort of forgot the goodness of this comb. A wide-toothed comb takes care of your tangles gently without breaking your hair. This will also give your mane a neat and set look.

Basicare Wide Tooth Comb (Rs 209) is our tool of choice.

6. Twist it up

This one works for both styling and preservation. After your hair is semi air dried, just gather it all up at the top of your head and twist it up in a bun. This will ensure you have soft but large curls that look like a blowout when you let your hair down. This trick works beautifully when you have just gotten your hair styled or blow dried. This brings volume to your roots and preserves the styling.

Use Goody Ouchless Elastics (Rs 794) so your hair doesn’t break.