#Bridal101: Your Guide To Choosing The *Perfect* Fabric For Your Wedding Lehenga!

#Bridal101: Your Guide To Choosing The *Perfect* Fabric For Your Wedding Lehenga!

Your bridal ensemble is surely one of the most treasured memories of your wedding day. But we get it, the journey to finding or even designing your dream lehenga is no easy task. And if it is the choice of fabric that is leaving you confused, then our two cents on choosing the ultimate bridal lehenga fabric should be your only bible. Do refer to it religiously before you go fabric shopping!

1.Touch it, feel it, breathe it!

1 bridal lehenga

Treat this as the most important step in zeroing down on your ultimate lehenga fabric. Make sure you ask the salesperson to let you touch it and even smell it. This is because some smells can irritate sensitive skin. Also make sure to wrap it around yourself to get an idea about the heaviness and colour of the fabric. If you think you prefer lighter ones and a more minimalistic outfit, then chiffon, georgettes and even crepe would be great. For a royal, more elaborate look, velvet, net and brocade work well.

bridal lehenga jhumka

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2. Season is important

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There are two things related to this; the season (summer, winter, monsoon) and the time of the event, namely, day/night. If you are going to have an outdoor summer wedding in the morning or even mid afternoon, then definitely opt for lighter, more skin friendly fabrics such as chiffon, georgettes and even cotton. For a night time wedding, brocade, raw silk, crepe, organza and velvet look rich and are even quite complementary in winters or months when there is a slight nip in the air.

butter paper bridal lehenga

Store your fabric safely wrapped in butter paper that you can buy from Amazon For Rs 892.

3. Body suitability & silhouette

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Fabric is the heart of any great attire and if it your bridal lehenga, it better be perfect! A lot of brides fall prey to the latest trends on their social media feed and are often disappointed with the end result. Listen to your bodies, girls and choose a fabric that complements your body frame. If you are naturally petite or narrow built, then organza and raw silk fabric can add the much needed volume to your frame. For curvier beauties, chiffon, velvet, brocade and even georgette look wonderful. Imported net also works wonders as it is easily malleable into a desired silhouette but sadly, does not photograph all that well.

necklace bridal lehenga

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4 Skin friendliness!

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You can look like a million bucks on your wedding day, but if you are not comfortable, it will surely show in the pictures! Fabrics such as net, lace, georgette and even raw silk can be quite abrasive on skin. If worn for long periods, they can leave a nasty rash, which we are sure, no one wants! If you have sensitive skin or are allergy prone then we advise being safe with an organic cotton or silk fabric that do not irritate the skin. These fabrics are also softer and sustainable. Also make sure that the inner lining of the lehenga is done in soft organic cotton/silk to do away with all the uneasiness.

bridal lehenga moisturizer

Buy this soothing aloe vera moisturizer from Nykaa (Rs 1,350) to ensure that you look your very best on your wedding day!

5. Embellishments & embroideries

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It is important to know about various embellishments and embroidery that go with your lehenga fabric. If you are the DIY kinds and want to experiment with different embroidery patterns then a raw silk, velvet, crepe and georgettes work best. Organic cotton lehengas looked great with printwork, silk and lace trimmings too. However, if you do not wish to spend a fortune on embellishments and embroidery, then a shiny printed brocade fabric will be the way to go.

dupatta bridal lehenga

This bandhini dupatta will be a great investment and would complement almost all of your salwar suits. Get it on Amazon for Rs 1,119.

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