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11 Gestures That’ll Say ‘I Am Sorry’ Better Than The Words!

11 Gestures That’ll Say ‘I Am Sorry’ Better Than The Words!

Sometimes we end up hurting the people we love the most and that includes our boyfriends. And sometimes saying sorry isn’t enough. We have rounded up some little gestures that convey that you’re apologetic, without actually having to say it. Read on and start taking notes, because you never know when these may come handy. Here are 11 little gestures that mean sorry, without you having to say it.

1. Send him a romantic text

A cute text would definitely put a smile on bae’s face and make him forget whatever you did to make him angry. #Missionaccomplished

2. Let a big teddy bear hug do the magic

Jadoo ki jhappi to the rescue… and Munnabhai sure as hell agrees!

2 gestures that mean you are sorry - sanjay dutt munna bhai

3. Cook his favourite meal and maybe even make cocktails to go with it

Because food is the way to a person’s heart.  #Gluttony

4. Write a short poem or do a fun little dance

Even though you may not be a dancer or a poet but the fact that you cutely made an effort should definitely convey how sorry you feel.

4 gestures that mean you are sorry - girl dancing

5. Treat him to dinner at his favourite restaurant

Food always works wonders in making his mood better, girl!

6. Get his favourite treats or a bouquet of flowers delivered to his home

Our top picks are chocolates, cupcakes or something absolutely out-of-the-box like golguppas.

6 gestures that mean you are sorry - sad girl eating chocolates

7. Leave a sweet note in his wallet

Sweet nothings go a long way…trust us!

8. Play Justin Bieber's Sorry

We think that should do the trick. I mean what better way to give him a hint about how you feel?!

8 gestures that mean you are sorry - justin bieber

9. Plan a movie night

In our opinion, a fun movie night coupled with yummy food and some gossip (or hanky panky if he is in the mood for it),  is a tried and tested way to convey your feelings.

10. Leave a bag of nuts on his table saying “I know I drive you nuts but I can’t live without you”

* Awwwww *

10 gestures that mean you are sorry - man laughing

11. Send a voice note singing his favourite song in your (not-so) rotten voice

Now that’s one way to show him that you care and that you’re sorry!

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Published on Aug 15, 2017
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