10 Sweet Little Ways To Make Up With *Him* After A Fight!

10 Sweet Little Ways To Make Up With *Him* After A Fight!

So you got into a fight with boo, huh? Don’t worry, it’s perfectly normal! Every couple goes through a rough patch. The key is to become be the bigger person here. No matter who’s fault it was, be the first person to forgive and let go. Don’t just apologise with words, get creative! Think out of the box and aim to melt your man’s heart in the sweetest way possible. So girlfriend, are you ready to kiss and makeup? Awesome! Here are 10 sweet ways to say sorry to your boyfriend after a fight.

1. Hug it out

Nothing feels as comforting as a warm bear hug. When he’s not looking, hug him from the back and wrap your arms around him till he blushes. We bet, all the anger on his face will melt away after a good cuddle. *Wink*

1 sweet ways to say sorry

2. Send him a looong text message

Don’t just say you’re sorry… Follow it up with cutesy emojis! Get poetic, use song lyrics or simply pen down your thoughts and feelings in one big chunk of a message. Just FYI, guys appreciate long text messages. It just goes to show how much of love and effort you put in for him.

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3. Say it with cupcakes

Everybody loves cupcakes! Your boyfriend will be thrilled to receive a box of them with sorry notes on the frosting. Each time he pops one into his mouth, you’re all he is going to be thinking about!

3 sweet ways to say sorry

4. Change his mobile wallpaper!

When he’s not looking, sneakily unlock his phone and change his wallpaper to ‘sorry’ or put a cute selfie of the two of you. Seeing your picture after he unlocks his phone will make him instantly forget about the fight he had with you.

5. Cute lil’ voice notes

Impress the guy by simply using your voice as an instrument! Send him a WhatsApp message in the morning, so that, when he wakes up, yours will be the first voice he’ll hear. Trust us, the man’s going to be happy all day.

5 sweet ways to say sorry

6. Cook him some great food

With the help of YouTube tutorials and online recipes, you can now cook a fantastic meal for the both of you. Once the meal is cooked, use scented candles, balloons, soft music and dim lighting to set the mood right. Works like a charm, all the time!

7. Dedicate a Facebook status for him

Once in a while it’s okay to show some social media love, ladies. It makes your partner feel that you’re serious about him and you want to show the world how much you love him! We bet once he reads your status, he’s going to be the first person to like it!

7 sweet ways to say sorry

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8. Send him flowers!

Who said flowers are appreciated only by women? Men love them too! It’s a cute gesture and is bound to build the bridge between the two of you. Whether you personally hand him a bouquet or send a bunch of them to his doorstep, both ways work!

9. Buy a movie ticket for two!

A movie is the ultimate ‘peace’ gift to give your boyfriend. Hold his hand all through the film and rest your head on his shoulder.  At the end of the day, it’s all about cozying up and putting the fight behind.

9 sweet ways to say sorry

10. A box of yummy chocolates

A box of chocolates always hits the sweet spot. They’re sinfully delicious and make a very thoughtful gift to give your boyfriend. When in doubt, pick a bar of dark chocolate - he’s bound to love it!

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