Hairstyles & Hacks That’ll Make You Look Younger INSTANTLY!

Hairstyles & Hacks That’ll Make You Look Younger INSTANTLY!

Honestly, we all make these mistakes sometimes, especially when it comes to picking the right hairstyle. A differently styled hairdo or the correct haircut has the power to take the years off your face. Now age therapy needn’t always come in a jar or at the end of a needle. Here are a few hairstyling tricks and haircut options that could transform not just your mane, but your entire look, and also make you look younger instantly!

1. Soft side bangs


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This is a great hack when you go out for your next haircut. If you do not feel like compromising on the length but need a change of look, just ask your hairstylist to give you some soft side bangs. Nothing too drastic or something covering your entire forehead but just a little more layers framing your face. This adds an instant freshness to your look!

2. Tousled bob

If you are planning on going a little short or already have a bob, you could add some more layers to the existing bob. While styling the bob, spritz on some sea salt spray or texturising spray and scrunch the hair. This wavy texture will give your bob (and your face) some much-needed pizazz.

3. Textured pixie


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Go bold or go home! Going super short is sometimes a liberating way to change your look, isn’t it? A messy pixie cut would look great and take years off your face too.

4. Layered hair


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If you are not a big fan of bangs and want to maintain the length of your mane, ask the hairstylist to add more layers to your hair, especially some framing your face. While styling this mane, just use dry shampoo on your roots and put your hair upside down for added volume. Scrunch up the ends for that effortless boho vibe.

5. Messy braid


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When it comes to hairstyles, a messy chic braid is definitely a winner. The effortless vibe will just play up the hair around your face and make you look fresher. Try a boho fishtail braid and massage the braid or pull it apart for added oomph!

6. Sleek ponytail with deep side part

If you are looking at going for a more structured look for a formal do or an evening out, try out a glossy sleek low ponytail with a deep part. The part provides dimension to your face while the ponytail creates movement. You need to try this trick instead of your usual chignon or bun the next time.

7. Messy top knot


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We all have those days when we are done with it and we just want our hair off our face. Instead of just tying it into a low ponytail or bun, try a high top knot. Also, don’t go for a super tight ballerina vibe but with an effortless messy top knot. Pull at the knot and the hair around it until you achieve the messy look (there’s no right or wrong here, the messier the better, honestly!

8. High ponytail

Give your usual ponytail a miss and try a voluminous high ponytail. Just turn your hair upside down and brush your hair together right at the crown. Tie your hair up and flip your head back. Now just yank at the pieces a little to move the ponytail around. You could tease the strands as well for a little something. This hairstyle works wonderfully because it actually pulls your face up.

Before you try these hairstyle tricks, remember ladies, frizzy, unkempt hair rife with split ends plays spoilsport for many of us. And this not only makes your hair look dull and lifeless, but your face emulates that vibe too. Take care of your mane with the right nourishment and make sure you use good quality serums for healthy looking hair!