Wake Up To FAB AF Hair With These Overnight *Miracle* Masks!

Wake Up To FAB AF Hair With These Overnight *Miracle* Masks!

Waking up to healthy and glossy looking hair is the perfect start to the day, isn’t it? After all, it’s half the job done, as far as your look for the day goes. While most of us leave it up to fate to decide whether or not it will be a good hair day, we suggest you take matters in your own hands, and flaunt a gorgeous mane every single day! How, you ask? Take a look at these amazing overnight hair masks that will result in silky and stunning locks the next morning.

1. Go bananas


Depending on your hair length, mash one banana or two, and add a few drops of castor oil to it. Massage this into your hair and scalp for 15-20 minutes and cover that up with a shower cap before hitting the sack. This will give your mane lovely shine and softness.

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2. Hello honey and yogurt

The moisturizing properties of honey are unparalleled, ladies. Take 2-3 tablespoons of honey and add some yogurt to it. Make sure that it has a consistency that isn’t too runny. Yogurt will cleanse your scalp and give your hair a healthy bounce.

3. Avocado is the ace


No, guacamole isn’t the only awesome thing derived from avocados. The paste of avocado and a few drops of virgin olive oil is a combination your hair is going to love. The creamy texture of this mask will provide your mane with oodles of moisture, and will take care of split ends too. Give it a shot, won’t you?

4. Olive oil and aloe vera are quite a combo

Aloe vera gel, has anti-bacterial and nourishing properties that work like magic for your hair. Add some olive oil to it and watch your frizzy hair have abundant lustre and moisture. This will treat your scalp of any itchiness and irritation, and make your hair long and strong!

5. Beer, anyone?


While guzzling a pint after a long day at work is often tempting, your hair would love some beer too. Whisk an egg and add some beer to it. Apply it onto your hair before going to bed and be rest assured to wake up to tresses that are high on volume and sheen.

6. Coconut oil mask magic

Nothing beats a rejuvenating hot oil massage, ladies. And when it’s one with an oil as nourishing and rich as coconut oil, you know your tresses are in for a treat. Doing a good ol’ champi and leaving the oil in your hair overnight will make you have a great hair day the next day.

7. Vitamin E boost


Vitamin E capsules work like magic for the mane. Add one to any and every hair pack you might want to use overnight for that extra shine and bounce. It locks in moisture and repairs dried and damaged tresses like no other.

Give these magical masks a shot, and you’re going to love the effect on your locks!