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13 Things Your Boyfriend Actually Means When He Calls You Cute!

13 Things Your Boyfriend Actually Means When He Calls You Cute!

Hello, ladies! If you’ve been dissecting and analyzing the compliments your boyfriend pays you and you’ve been wondering what he really means, #MillionDollarQuestion, you’re at the right place! We have rounded up a host of different contexts and situations that make your boyfriend call you ‘cute’ and getting down to what he really means each time. Read on and find out.

1. He thinks you’re super cute and adorable


1 guy calls you cute - miley cyrus

2. He thinks you just had an OOPS moment and it is his way of pulling your leg

Like the time when you asked him if the car that you’ve been driving for over two years runs on petrol or diesel?

3. It is his way of saying that he finds you downright adorable!

* pulls your cheek*

3 guy calls you cute - irritated girl

4. When you say something a bit childish and the only reaction he can give is calling you ‘cute’

Sense the sarcasm girl!

5. He thinks you’re amazing just the way you are

Cause’ cute is usually used to describe someone who is fabulous with all their imperfections.

5 guy calls you cute - seinfeld elaine

6. It is his way of complimenting you

Girl, he just called you cute! Don’t read so much into it.

7. He finds you hilarious

Because you are funny without even trying!

7 guy calls you cute - man taking bath

8. He is not too good with adjectives!

Well, clearly!

9. He is trying to initiate some hanky panky

Cause’ not everyone is into talking dirty

9 guy calls you cute - karan johar

10. When he thinks you are super happy-go-lucky

And he just loves to be around you!

11. He loves you for who you really are

This means that he loves you in cute PJs tucked into bed at night as much as he loves you all babe-d up for the next night out!

11 guy calls you cute - girl making faces

12. When you are PMSing, acting as if you’re preparing for the next world apocalypse

Since he can’t do much to ease the pain, he ends up calling you ‘cute’ (which obviously only makes you angrier)

13. When you are mad at him and he just cannot ignore how you still manage to look so bloody adorable

But we have to agree that compliments do play a fairly good role in calming us girls down.

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