Dear Boyfriend, 13 Little Things I Really Want To Thank You For!

Dear Boyfriend, 13 Little Things I Really Want To Thank You For!

Dear Boyfriend,

I remember thanking you for the gifts you give me - like my favourite dress on my birthday or chocolates when I am angry. But I don’t think I thank you enough for all the other things you do, the ones that I only see in retrospect. The things that don’t even count as gestures, they’re just things you do because you are you. Though a simple thank you will never be enough, I think I’ll begin with one. So here’s to you and here’s to all the times you don’t screw up! (Yes, there are more of them than I usually admit.)

Your happy girlfriend, always.

1. Thank you for waiting for me when I was an hour late on our date night. I know I cribbed about the traffic to cover up the fact that I couldn’t figure out what to wear, instead of kissing you when I saw you, but you just smiled and shrugged.

1 thank my boyfriend

2. Thank you for understanding that I am PMS-ing even before I do, and letting me rant all I want, instead of asking me if I am on my period.

3. Thank you for letting me choose the angle of our selfies even though it gives you a double chin and never complaining about it when I put them on social media.

4. Thank you for letting me hog the blanket. I know some nights you willingly give up the blanket for me and it makes me love you all the more.

4 thank my boyfriend

5. Thank you for saying that even though some days I look like a potato, I look like the most delicious potato ever! Your mix of honesty with compliments makes every day just a little brighter.

6. Thank you for always buying an extra packet of chips because you know I was going to eat it anyway.

7. Thank you for listening to my insecurities at 2 am in the morning when I couldn’t sleep. You had an early morning but you decided to be there for me nevertheless.

7 thank my boyfriend

8. Thank you for choosing a place to eat and not making me go through the tiring process of actually making a decision.

9. Thank you for helping me decide my Instagram captions. You always know how to complete my sentences in the best way possible.

10. Thank you for handing me the aux every time I get into your car. You might not like all the songs in my playlist but you always let me play anyway. (Now you even know the lyrics to most of them!)

10 thank my boyfriend

11. Thank you for actually finding it cute when I don’t shave my legs. You are the only person who can call me his fuzzy bear and get away with it.

12. Thank you for liking all my social media posts without fail. I know I can’t measure your love from likes and comments but a little validation never hurt anybody.

13. Thank you for waiting for us to be together before you start a new Netflix series. You don’t even know how much our TV nights mean to me!

13 thank my boyfriend

These are just a few things I want to thank my boyfriend for because there are way too many to be actually put into words.

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