10 Tips To Know Before You Wear That *Sexy Back* Blouse!

10 Tips To Know Before You Wear That *Sexy Back* Blouse!

Wearing a deep blouse back design may make you feel a little shy and raise a hundred questions in your head about how to pull it off! But worry not, here are 10 tips to remember when you wear a deep back blouse to the next shaadi!

1. Bra strap care!

This is the first thing you must remember when you’re wearing a deep back blouse. Make sure your bra strap isn’t showing and is safely pinned to the sides of your shoulder. It’s really not a great thing to have your bra strap peeking from your sexy blouse! We also suggest you opt for transparent straps instead of regular ones.

2. Padded blouse

When you’re wearing a deep back blouse, opt for a padded blouse instead of wearing a bra separately. Ensure that the cup size of your pads are exactly to the measure of the cup size of your bra and do take a trial before you have your final blouse ready. Make sure your tailor chooses good quality cups that don’t make the chest look too bulgy or poky.

3. Doris are important!

Doris secure the blouse from slipping off from your shoulders and makes the sleeves stay in place. You can totally use a dori and make sure you don’t tighten it too much or keep it too loose as the purpose of the dori will be defeated.

4. Latkans are love!

Give your deep back blouses an interesting twist by adding some latkans to it. You can match these with your saree or lehenga or even completely go all out and try it in a contrasting colour!

5. The fitting of the blouse

Make sure your blouse is well stitched and isn’t loose or too tight to make your skin feel itchy or irritated. It should be easy to move around in and shouldn’t itch or make you feel any discomfort. Especially if the back of the neck is going to be slightly deep, do try it once before you have to wear it to the main event!

6. Don’t go over the top

If you’re opting for a sexy back blouse design style, avoid going for a deep neck in the same blouse as well. It’s not a good idea to reveal too much skin as the blouse is going to be short any way and balancing the both is better than baring it all!

7. Opt for a style that suits your body type


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You might have not thought about this, but even when you’re opting for a blouse back that’s deep, it’s essential to know which style suits you better. If you have back-flab, it’s best to wear a cut-out round back. If you’re lean and have a petite figure, try a blouse with a scalloped hemline!

8. No heavy embroidery along the edges

Avoid any heavy embellishments and embroidery along the edge of your deep back blouse. This can irritate your skin and might even give you a rash. Go for a cloth piping instead, to add to the style!

9. Scrub it well!

If you’re going to flaunt that back, you better make sure it looks flawless! Give your back a good scrub and moisturize before you decide to wear that super sexy blouse. That way, we know it will look even better!

10. Wear it with confidence!

Now that you have all the other things taken care of, it’s essential you take care of yourself too. If you’re wearing a deep back blouse style for the first time, ensure you’re not conscious and you’ve tried it on before you wear it on the shaadi day!