To All Those Who Said Cutting My Hair Short Was 'Brave'

To All Those Who Said Cutting My Hair Short Was 'Brave'

I’ve always wondered why does one call someone brave? That person might have done something really amazing, right? Saved someone or maybe put their life in danger to do some good - something like this could make you brave in someone else’s eyes. But, I was called ‘brave’ for going for BOLD short hair! Let me explain…

I’ve always had medium length hair but a few years ago I decided to grow it out. Fast forward two years, I had long hair that touched the middle of my back. Though I loved it and so did everyone else, slowly, I got a bit tired because the length became unmanageable and in 2015 I decided to bid adieu to my long, wavy tresses. I opted for a bob to give my hair a modern look (and also because the haircut was all the rage then), and guess what? Everyone went berserk.


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I remember going to college and several heads turning towards me as I entered my class. I was surprised that it was such a huge deal for others because now my hair hardly touched my shoulders! I was bombarded with SO many questions and it was hard for me to not roll my eyes:

“Oh God, you cut your hair?”

“What have you done to your hair?”

“Wow, it takes guts to chop off your long hair, so brave of you!”

Brave, really? You’re calling me brave just because I went for a haircut? Being brave is something you’re afraid to do, and chopping your hair off is hardly anything. Honestly, this word irks me to the core.


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I have always loved experimenting with my hair - I’ve coloured my hair, styled it, cut it, grown it out, and what not. But, why does the question of ‘having guts’ arise when you decide to chop off your long locks? I know Indians are obsessed with long hair, but I refuse to understand the fuss behind going short - it’s just hair, it can grow back! By calling me brave for something so trivial, you’re making me feel like my appearance is not ‘normal’. This made me wonder what was so brave about cutting my hair short, exactly? That I didn’t look like (almost) every other girl and going for a haircut that took less than a minute to style?

Now, this goes without saying, my haircut was nothing out of the ordinary, it was a bob for God’s sake. I wasn’t going around with a mohawk, was I? (Even calling this do brave would be problematic for the reasons I’ve stated above)

I think we all need to stop telling people that making conscious decisions about their appearance is ‘brave’. Because, I’m going to keep my chin-length hair for a long time, not to make a statement but because I like it!