10 *Gorgeous* Hair Colour Ideas For The College-Going Girl!

10 *Gorgeous* Hair Colour Ideas For The College-Going Girl!
Girls, as much as your college years are about hitting the books, it’s also the best time to experiment with your look. Think about it, a few years from now, you’ll be a working professional, wishing you had tried rainbow hair or at least a playful pink. Take advantage of this stage in your life and have some fun with your locks, ‘coz these years ain’t coming back! So whether you have a flair for drama or prefer a more subtle style, we give you some amazing hair colour inspiration that are all things bright, beautiful and totally apt for a college girl. Afterall, YOLO!

1. Everything Looks Better In Pink!

1 hair colour inspiration Image: Shutterstock Go poptastic with a gorgeous shade of pink. Not only is it super in, but you can pick a shade depending on the look you’re aiming for. A bright pink will bring a vibrant, playful vibe to your style and a lighter shade will be more subtle and girly. Try out a few streaks if you don’t want to colour your tresses entirely.

2. Blondes Have More Fun!

2 hair colour inspiration Image: Shutterstock While going fully blonde is not something we would recommend for Indian skintones, a blonde ombre would totally work! We’re sure many of you have considered it, so what are you waiting for? It’s a great idea for a hair makeover and you can just cut off the ends when you’re bored of it. Sounds perfect, right?

3. Girl, You’re On Fire!

3. hair colour inspiration Image: Being A Barber on Instagram Enhance boring blacks and browns with bold scarlet and cherry! A red job like this can seriously help your hair come to life. The best part is that it isn’t super bold, so anyone can try it. Also, these shades look fantabulous on our Indian skin.

4. Cool Brown For The Coolest Chick In Town!

4 hair colour inspiration Image: Shutterstock Most girls colour their hair for the first time in college, so if you’re looking to play it slightly safe for your first dye job then stick to the brown hue. Experiment with going a few shades lighter. Speak to your stylist about adding accents of mahogany, honey and chestnut to bring loads of depth to your strands. Playing around with different shades from the same family is a smart idea, especially when you don’t want to go super drastic but still want a noticeable change.

5. Be a Unicorn!

5. hair colour inspiration Image: Happy In The Head on Instagram If you’re a girl who loves all things bright and colorful then take inspiration from this magnificent colour job. Can’t decide what colour you want? Go ahead and get them all! Unicorn is taking the beauty world by storm, so your vibrant strands will totally be on-point!

6. 50 Shades Of Purple

6. hair colour inspiration Image: Butterfly Loft Salon and Spa No, we don’t mean bright, traffic-stopping purple. We’re referring to gorgeous, soft shades of lavender that blends in seamlessly with the rest of your hair. This one is unique and pretty without being super loud.

7. Be a Balayage Beauty

7. hair colour inspiration Image: BBlunt on Instagram You don’t need to try drastic colours to give your mane a stunning makeover, just experiment with this awesome technique - it’s perfect if you want to try subtle shades. Colour is painted on your strands freehand to give it a more natural, blended-in look. As you can see, the end result is absolutely gorgeous.

8. Midnight Blue Magic

8. hair colour inspiration Image: Pravana Indonesia on Instagram Be the coolest chick on campus with super dark blue locks. It’s dark enough to not be too OTT but nonetheless is super striking. In the future, you will be so glad you tried a colour like this when you were younger!

9. A Colourful Surprise

9. hair colour inspiration Image: BBlunt on Instagram Don’t want to commit to too much colour? Don’t worry, you can still add a splash of brightness to your mane with a single or few strategically placed streaks. This is a subtle way of adding a colourful surprise and stirring up a boring look.

10. Peekaboo!

10. hair colour inspiration Image: Pravana Indonesia on Instagram So cool and so different! Colour the ends of the inner sections of your mane for a bright peekaboo effect that will definitely grab you some appreciative glances. Your college pictures will definitely be brighter and more memorable with a hair makeover like this.