10 Hairstyles for Long Hair Every Girl is sure to Love!

10 Hairstyles for Long Hair Every Girl is sure to Love!

To all the Rapunzels out there, this post is especially for you. Hairstyles for girls with long hair can be quite a challenge sometimes, and the thought of managing it and making it look gorgeous everyday is one that makes many of us shudder. Here’s some help from our end - 10 stunning hairstyles for long hair that are easy to try and will make you look amazing! Have a look, ladies, and get ready to flaunt that uber stylish mane!!

1. Of braids & dreams

1 long hairstyles

Image: Sonam Kapoor on Instagram

Who better to take style inspiration from than Sonam Kapoor? And this hairstyle choice of hers at the Cannes Film Festival is every bit dreamy! Make a braid, to look like a hair band across half your head and let the rest of the hair fall over the shoulder on the other side. An easy ladies hairstyle idea and a fabulous look, don’t you think?

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2. One-sided affair

2 long hairstyles

Image: Sukriti Grover on Instagram

For this super chic look, begin with straightening out your hair properly and creating a side parting. Then start a braid in the front of one side till the back of the head. Leave the rest of the hair open, on the other side. Pretty edgy, this hairstyle for long hair!

3. Flowy fantastic

3 long hairstyles

Image: Daniel Bauer Makeup & Hair on Instagram

This flowy, fun look is perfect for that romantic date, or a fun night out with the girls. Use a curler to create in-and-out curls, and do this section by section. Make them tight curls to start with, and then run your fingers through each one of them to help them open up a bit. Take it from us, ladies, this hairstyle for long hair will look spectacular!

4. Braid bonanza

4 long hairstyles

Image: Bipasha Basu on Instagram

How stylish does this hairdo look on Bips?! To make your hair like hers, start a braid from the front, on either side and take them till the nape of your neck. Follow that with bunning up the braids together, and you’re good to go. We’re totally loving the vibe of this chic ladies hairstyle!

5. Messy muse

5 long hairstyles

Image: Sanam Ratansi on Instagram

If you have long hair then the hairstyle with a teased and tousled side braid is sure to make you look like a princess each time. All you have to do is make a loose side braid and then pull out some strands to give it some more volume. To make the look all the more stylised, pull out the hair strands around your face and let them fall loosely. This hairstyle is simple yet amazing for girls with long hair.  

6. (K)not the ordinary bun

6 long hairstyles

Image: Sanam Ratansi on Instagram

One can never go wrong with a top knot, ladies. And to look as gorge as Shraddha Kapoor here, all you have to do is collect all your hair in the bun, on top of your head and let some of the hair in front fall loosely to frame your face. Easy peasy ladies hairstyle, isn’t it?

7. Pony panache

7 long hairstyles

Image: Malaika Arora Khan on Instagram

This effortlessly stylish hairstyle for long hair is one to love! This blend of a bun and pony requires you to collect all your hair at the nape of the neck to form a bun. The twist here is that you let a few inches of your hair fall loosely through the bun, and voila!

8. Slick and stunning

8 long hairstyles

Image: Shaleena Nathani on Instagram

All you need is a good hair gel or wax to slay like Deepika. Comb out your hair and then use the product in the front to attain this slicked back look. Leave the rest of your hair open and rock this hairdo, ladies.

9. Pick the pony braid

9 long hairstyles

Image: Karisma Kapoor on Instagram

This hairstyle for long hair is not as complicated as it looks. Use a bump-it and do some backcombing to give the crown of your head some volume. Then, make a high ponytail and start to plait it up. Pinch out the braid to give it that texture and volume, and you’re all set! Try this hairstyle, ladies, we say.

10. Neat and nice

10 long hairstyles

Image: Kriti Sanon on Instagram

For a simple yet chic look, nothing matches up to the low ponytail. Part your hair at the centre and collect it all at the nape of your neck to make a pony. Use some hairspray to tame flyaways and to keep the rest of your hair in place. Be it a cocktail party, or a dinner date, girls with long hair will want to give this hairstyle a shot, don’t you think?