11 Real Struggles Of EVERY Long Distance Couple!

11 Real Struggles Of EVERY Long Distance Couple!

Long distance relationships have their own pros and cons. Although, they are difficult to maintain, a couple who has made it through a long distance relationship can survive almost anything. You learn to love each other irrespective of the distance and make the relationship even more beautiful. But, apart from the good part, here are 10 struggles of a long distance relationship.

1. Adjusting according to the time zones

If you and bae are in different time zones, you both often need to adjust with each other’s timings. Even though video calling is your rescue, you both need to talk either very early or very late. End result, you never get much sleep!

1- struggles of a long distance relationship- time zones

2. Goodbyes are the worst

Seeing each other off at the airports is the toughest. It doesn’t matter whether he is going back for the 10th time, you are still as unhappy as the first time. Somehow you never learn to say goodbye in a calm and mature manner.

3. You are tired of people asking you ‘how do you make it work?’

Your friends come up to you and question you on how you can manage not seeing him for so many weeks/ months? Do you really trust him that much? Don’t you miss him? The struggle to answer these questions with a smile is real! How do you explain the secrets to them, right?

3- struggles of a long distance relationship- how to make it work

4. They also come to you for all sorts of network advice

Since you have done enough research on the best available network plan in the market, you also start to feel like a service agent yourself. You have the best knowledge on which plan offers the maximum free calls and data and all your friends make enough use of it!

5. Parties get lonely

Every time your friends make a plan to go out partying, you feel a little left out. While everyone is with their partners, you just have to be with yours over whatsapp!

5-struggles of a long distance relationship- parties get lonely

6. The wait for tickets to get cheaper

You both eagerly wait for the next long weekend coming up so that you guys can plan a visit and meet each other. This involves the two of you saving money and waiting for the next discount offer to book your tickets!

7. Falling asleep while on the phone

Since you both are in different time zones, it often happens that one of you goes off to sleep while being on a Skype call or over Facetime!

7-struggles of a long distance relationship- falling asleep on the phone

8. Life is a constant countdown

Whether he is coming to see you or you are going to visit him, your love life involves the two of you always counting days/weeks.

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9. Always struggling for Wi-Fi

Since the internet is what connects you both, you both go crazy looking for a good Wi-Fi connection to be able to talk to each other! The first question you ask at your friend’s house is always their Wi-Fi password.

9- struggles of a long distance relationship- struggling for wifi

10. Bills give you mini heart attacks

Even though you have taken the best available plan in the market, you both get a mini heart attack each time you get your phone bill. Yikes!

11. Not being able to celebrate milestones together

11-struggles of a long distance relationship- unable to celebrate milestones

Birthdays, anniversaries and important milestones can often not be celebrated together!

Well, even though they are tough, we will still do long distance for love, won’t we?

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