Surprise! 20 AWESOME Things About Long Distance Relationships

Surprise! 20 AWESOME Things About Long Distance Relationships
Yes, of course, all that distance sucks - you haven’t even kissed your boyfriend in months (don’t even think about going any further), and you can never let your phone out of sight, you know, just in case you miss a call or text from him. That, however, doesn’t mean there can’t be an upside to it! Don’t believe us? Check out these surprisingly awesome things about being in a long distance relationship (LDR), which will definitely help you give an optimistic spin to your perspective on the relationship.

1. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t shaved your legs for over a month.

You don’t have to put in all that effort to be presentable ALL the time.

Long distance relationship

2. Since you two are always excited about each other, your relationship can never really get monotonous.

Unlike most other couples, who have been together for as long and see each other ALL the time.

3. This clearly means that you both are super-committed to each other.

If you weren’t, you wouldn’t be in it!

4. You don’t have to deal with regular pregnancy or STD scares.

Yes, there is (afterall) an upside to not having sex!

Long distance relationship

5. It makes you master the art of planning and organizing!

Elaborately planning visits several months down the line and constantly scheduling calls does have its benefits.

6. It also does wonders for your communication skills.

After all, the silent treatment isn’t going to get you far when you’re mad at each other.

7. You get to surprise each other more, much more.

Receiving cute gifts or landing up at each other’s doorsteps unannounced after months - awww!

Long distance relationship

8. You know it’s not just about sex.

Of course, celibacy isn’t great, but your relationship is deeper than just being physical.

9. You become more independent.

Sometimes, being apart can help you understand just how well you can manage on your own!

10. You spend more time with your besties.

It can be Ladies’ Night, every night!

Long distance relationship

11. The distance brings out the romantic in both of you.

From long emails expressing your undying love for each other to waking up to corny messages from each other - the romantic in you feeds on this distance.

12. You learn to trust each other much more.

It’s the only, and the best, way to make it work.

13. You have plenty of ME time.

To explore new hobbies or just to watch DDLJ for the 1000th time, in your PJs!

Long distance relationship

14. If you survive it, you can survive anything.

If your love is strong enough to make the most of the distance, your relationship ends up becoming bulletproof.

15. You get to plan exciting vacations together.

Take that, all you same-city couples!

Long distance relationship

16. You learn to make each other a priority.

And not take each other for granted, which can involuntarily happen in regular relationships.

17. You get to keep the mystery alive in the relationship.

There is only so much you can convey over the phone.

18. You savour every moment of your time together.

It puts a whole new romantic spin on things.

19. Both of you get more creative. Your relationship is anything but boring!

Whether it’s paying a two-player game together or watching the same movie at the same time - you two are constantly coming up with new ways to keep the spark alive.

Long distance relationship

20. Those butterflies you get when you finally see each other…

Makes it all worth it!

Long distance relationship

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