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10 Little But Common Mistakes Women Make… During Sex!

10 Little But Common Mistakes Women Make… During Sex!

See, let’s be fair - we run the world and there is nothing in this world that will ever stop us from believing it. But not everything in life is perfect and there are some glitches that keep happening. Just like it’s normal to have a few ‘oopsie’ moments in life, it’s okay to have them in bed as well. However, we all aim to have a flawless sex life, right ladies? Which is why it’s good to know the things we are doing wrong in bed in order to be a sex goddess. Here is a list of 10 common sex mistakes we all make!

1. Being too submissive

Men like women who can actually go out of their comfort zone. While it is amazing to have men woo us and take control, we tend to let them take control every time but shouldn’t. It’s time to take control more often, ladies!

1  Sex Mistakes

2. Worrying about how we look

You know when guys are having sex with you, they usually don’t care about how you look. If you’re constantly worried about how you look then you’re definitely doing it wrong. Stop being bothered by it because you actually look great!

3. Not going down on him

If you like him going down on you, then it is actually considered good manners to give that favour back. Some women may not even like it but know that it’s quite empowering to make him orgasm just with your mouth. Needless to say, guys really love it!

4. Giving too much feedback

It’s good to tell your man the things you like and don’t like in bed but don’t go too overboard with it. Sometimes it’s okay to not immediately give him feedback, maybe you can talk about it a little later so as to not turn him off.

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5. Using teeth during oral

Ouch! Umm...ouch again! Even though many guys love oral, you have to try to NOT use your teeth at all! If you do so when you’re down on him, you might just give him serious injuries. Men are very sensitive down there, so you HAVE to be EXTRA cautious!

6. Being silent

If you like it, he should know. Guys just hate when you don’t react especially when it’s in bed. You don’t want to stay quiet. Moan and groan and tell him that he is doing the right thing because he probably is!

7. Rushing things

Don’t assume that he wants to go too fast. Take time to go slow and explore every corner of his body. He will love it when you take things slow. Rushing can be a bad bad decision!

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8. Being too shy

C’mon now, you’re at it and you know it. What’s the point of being shy now? Stop covering yourself completely and have sex in the light to try out something new!

9. Saying no to period sex

Your hormones are probably running amuck when you’re on your period which is why there is no reason to actually say no to period sex. Not only will it be a new thing for your guy to try, you will be surprised how satisfying it can be!

10. Being unhygienic

Hygiene is very important. To women as much as it is for men which is why if you’re not taking care of your lady parts before and after sex then you’re majorly doing it wrong.

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