11 Things That Really Don’t Matter To Men During Sex

11 Things That Really Don’t Matter To Men During Sex

While we may be hundred percent comfortable with our man, there are still certain things that we are conscious of. These are the things that we may or may not discuss with him. Here is us bringing you a list of things guys do not care about during sex (also the things that we overthink about, but shouldn’t).

1. Whether your legs are waxed or not

Sure, he may notice tiny hair on your arms or legs on a usual day, but trust us, he won’t really fuss about the hair growth on your hands or feet during sex. They are just too busy looking (and appreciating) your beautiful body.

1 Things guys do not care about

2. The fat on your body

A lot of girls tend to hide themselves under a blanket during sex because they aren’t too comfortable showing their curvaceous body. Ladies, listen up! Men don’t really care about those tiny side buns or the back flab, especially during sex. In fact, it’s all the better because they have something to hold! Okay? Okay!

3. Any sort of sound your vagina made during the intercourse

You’re probably getting embarrassed about the ‘vagina fart’ that happened the last time you had sex with but trust us, he DOES NOT care. It is something that happens naturally due to all the air suction.

4. Your facial expressions

You think the guy has time to actually think of the faces that you make during intercourse? Well, maybe not. He is too busy doing what he is really good at. If you know what we mean?

4 Things guys do not care about

5. How long it takes you to orgasm

Sometimes, women take longer than men to orgasm and it’s okay, really. Don’t be too conscious of the fact that you’re taking too long to orgasm because he will not be bothered. The more the merrier!

6. How you look ‘down there’

Bikini waxed, shaved or not of that - it does not really matter to men because they just want to do sweet (read naughty) little things to you down there. That’s all!

7. If you’ve got a tiny pimple on your face

It may be because you’re PMS-ing or because you have acne-prone skin but we can seriously never predict the zits. Also, men don’t really care so much about them.

7 Things guys do not care about

8. If you have tiny boobs

See, boobs are boobs, and men love them anyway. Stop fretting over tiny things. Quite literally!

9. That move you tried which didn’t work out too well

So you tried something new and it wasn’t a hit. Are you constantly thinking about it? Don’t, because he isn’t either. He probably thinks you’re cute goofing up at times.

10. When you sometimes don’t want to go oral

Sex can still be fun without oral sex. Sure, men love getting a blow job but then they can also do without it at times. It’s okay to sometimes say no to oral. Relax, girl!

10 Things guys do not care about

11. When you take control

In fact, guys like it when their girl takes a little control in bed. Well, as long as you know the difference between taking control and ordering them what to do, it’s totally okay!

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