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15 Thoughts EVERY Girl Has When She Wears A Strapless Bra!

15 Thoughts EVERY Girl Has When She Wears A Strapless Bra!

If there’s one thing you can think about strapless bras is how hot they make your boobs look! They may be delicate but they give your boobs the support they need while looking sexy AF! If you’re new to wearing strapless bras, here are 15 thoughts most girls have when they wear a strapless bra for the first time! 1. ‘Finally! No more annoying AF straps!’ 2. ‘What?! But where’s the rest of it?’ 3. ‘Oh well, at least they make my twins and neckline look super hot!’ 3 wears a strapless bra 4. ‘Just one question though - why do I feel like I’m wearing nothing at all?’ 5. ‘It’s like I feel this bra is just going to come off any moment now.’ 6. ‘OMG! What if it does? Would my boobs look disproportionate over my outfit?’ 6 wears a strapless bra 7. ‘Maybe I’m overthinking. After all, it is the first time I’m wearing a strapless bra.’ 8. ‘The best bit - my boobs don’t feel trapped. Instead, they’re actually wiggling with joy!’ 9. ‘And, oh… LOOK at that cleavage?!’ 9 wears a strapless bra 10. ‘Now I can actually wear those pretty off-shoulder tops and tube dresses without having to worry about my bra straps making unwanted visits.’ 11. ‘And… Maybe I can give my boyfriend a bit of a striptease.’ 12. ‘I bet he’ll secretly wonder what I’m wearing inside or even better... He’ll think I’m wearing nothing at all!’ 12 wears a strapless bra 13. ‘Gosh! I can’t wait to see the look on his face when he sees me in this gorgeous new bra.’ 14. ‘I think he won’t be able to keep his hands off me! *Blush*’ 15. ‘I think this strapless bra is going to be my new BFF!’ 15 wears a strapless bra GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr
Published on Apr 29, 2017
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