10 Fashion Mistakes College Girls Make… But You Shouldn’t!

10 Fashion Mistakes College Girls Make… But You Shouldn’t!
Our style is constantly evolving. Especially in that awkward phase of life when we’re just out of school and have started going to college. We start discovering what our style is and try out every other trend that comes our way. Quite obviously, we make mistakes in the process. Since these mistakes are so common, we thought we’ll tell you about them so you can be fashion forward. Here are 10 common fashion mistakes every college girl makes! Make sure you don’t. *Wink*  

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1. Too much *bling*!  

You’re in that phase of life where everything shimmery appeals to you. Bling might be in, but there’s a way to style these sparkling babies. Most girls in college end up wearing bling on bling and that looks nothing but OTT. To avoid making this mistake, make sure you balance your outfit by wearing a blingy piece with something simple. A sequin top with plain culottes, maybe?

2. Wearing something you think your (almost) boyfriend finds sexy  

Why dress in a way you think your boyfriend might like when you can actually be yourself and blow his mind? Short skirts and mini dresses might get his heart racing, but there’s nothing as sexy as being confident enough to keep your quirks intact and flaunt your own style! 2 fashion mistakes every college girl makes

3. You don’t need to reveal too much to look sexy

Wearing super short clothes is not the definition of sexy, girls! You don’t have to go over the top by wearing a short crop top with a mini skirt! All we’re saying is you can wear the shortest skirts if you like, but it isn’t the only way to exude sex appeal.   

4. A messy closet!

We’re all familiar with the ‘I have nothing to wear’ problem. You will never have enough clothes to wear if your closet is a mess! Sort out your clothes and make a separate pile of the pieces you don’t wear that often. It’ll make mornings easier for you and you’ll definitely start enjoying dressing up too! 4 fashion mistakes every college girl makes    

5. Wearing all baggy clothes together  

On a lazy Monday morning, loose baggy clothes are all we need. Styling baggy clothes can be a little tricky. Always balance your look by wearing one structured item. But if you want to wear everything loose and comfortable, tuck the top in your pants or wear a belt to give the outfit a more structured look.

6. Not paying attention to garment labels

When we’re in college, our primary aim is to look stylish everyday. We hardly ever look at the garment label and check how it is supposed to be cleaned. If you want that expensive top to last longer than just one wash, you’ve got to take care of it, girl! 6 fashion mistakes every college girl makes

7. Binging on trends

If you spend most of your pocket money on fast fashion that will go out of style next season, you’ll only end up with a closet full of clothes that you don’t wear. There’s nothing wrong in buying trendy clothes and accessories, but you must also invest in classic pieces at the same time.

8. Buying a size smaller or bigger just because it was on sale!  

Not cool, guys. There’s not much you can do by hoarding on clothes which aren’t even your size. No matter how beautiful that dress is, if it’s not your size, it will not look half as good. Don’t spend your money on the wrong size unless you’re sure that you can get it altered and make it fit perfectly. 8 fashion mistakes every college girl makes (1)

9. Trying to colour coordinate everything  

Yes, it is important to wear colours that complement each other. But wearing the same colour from head to toe is a terrible idea! Don’t worry if your bag isn’t the same shade of yellow as your top. You don’t have to wear the same colour to make sure your outfit looks well coordinated. Experiment with contrast and complementary colours to make your outfits look well put together.  

10. Wearing the wrong lingerie

Pretty sure we’re all guilty of making this mistake! You’re a young girl in college and probably don’t know what bra to pair with what. It’s not a crime to make mistakes, but it’s always better to do some research before you go out and feel conscious of wearing the wrong bra under a sheer top. 10 fashion mistakes every college girl makes GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr