10 AWESOME Beauty Uses Of Coconut Oil We Bet You Didn’t Know!

10 AWESOME Beauty Uses Of Coconut Oil We Bet You Didn’t Know!
There are very few beauty products that can be considered a solution to multiple problems. Well, coconut oil is one such product that we swear by. If you’re looking for a be-all and end-all solution to all your beauty issues, you can use coconut oil in these 10 ways! That too, from the sweet comfort of your home...

1. For Luscious Looking Lips

1 coconut oil beauty uses Chapped lips spare nobody. Rather than using makeup to fake a perfect, pink pout, use the magic of coconut oil! Fill an old lip balm container with coconut oil and refrigerate. Dab it on your lips every couple of hours and see the difference within a few weeks!

2.  Remove All That Makeup...Naturally!

Don’t you hate how harshly makeup removers treat your sensitive skin? Well, then you should use coconut oil to get rid of it. Take our word for it - that water-proof, stain-proof mascara will come off with a single swipe! We’d recommend this tip to girls with all skin types (not just sensitive!). Coconut oil is super hydrating so it keeps your skin nourished and supple.

3. Bless Your Tresses!

3 coconut oil beauty benefits There is always that one thing you love your nani maa for - the awesome champi sessions! We, in some way or the other, owe our beautiful mane to those coconut oil massages. It not only nourishes our hair but also hydrates the roots! But due to our hectic schedules, we’re unable to fit it into our daily beauty regime. Don’t fret ladies, because we have a solution for you. The amazing Oriflame Nature Secrets Shampoo contains the benefits of coconut oil which helps prevent hair breakage and retains moisture!

4. For That Gorgeous Smile

Rubbing coconut oil on your teeth for a couple of minutes, every day helps whiten them. Yes, it’s true! Not just that, but because of its anti-bacterial qualities, it also helps in keeping tooth decay at bay. Kylie Jenner is a believer and so are we!

5.  Keeps The Moisture Locked In!

5 Oriflame Ecobeauty face cream, Rs 1699 Massaging coconut oil on your skin not only delays early aging but also helps keep the moisture locked in! We recommend using coconut oil on your body every day before sleeping in order to let it heal your skin overnight. Looking for a daily face cream to pamper your skin? Oriflame’s EcoBeauty Natural Face Cream uses organic coconut oil that replenishes lost moisture and ensures your skin stays radiant!

6. Use It As a Natural Highlighter!

Looking for a way to emulate Kim Kardashian’s not-so-natural glow? Well, while she may be relying on chemical-based makeup products - you can opt for a natural solution! We have a kickass hack that will give you a glowing look, that will last all night long. Dab on a little coconut oil on your cheekbones, after applying your entire makeup. It’s a sure shot way of achieving the highlighted look effortlessly!

7. Best Balm For Perfect Skin After Shaving

7 uses of coconut oil The conventional way of shaving your body is quite tedious and sometimes leaves you with annoying cuts. Next time, use coconut oil to lather up. It not only helps avoid cuts but also gives you a very smooth shave. Once you’re done shaving, massage coconut oil to pamper your legs. It’s really a miracle product!

8. Fighting The Dryness

If you don’t take care of your dry tresses at the right time, it leads to brittleness and hair fall. Here’s where coconut oil comes to the rescue. If you’re looking it invest in a reliable product, we’d recommend Oriflame’s Hot Oil for Dry and Damaged Hair. It replenishes dry hair, leaving it soft and naturally shiny!  

9. For gorgeous Nails

9 coconut oil beauty benefits Admit it, girls, nothing compliments an outfit better than an absolutely fabulous manicure! But we tend to ignore the fact that our cuticles need some TLC too. Rubbing on coconut oil, right after you take a shower, can actually help them retain moisture. You’ll soon have soft, nourished cuticles that won’t shred dry skin - ever!

10. Get Rid Of Stubborn Patches

Coconut oil is actually the best solution for dark patches that no fancy cream can fix. Massage the oil before sleeping on problem areas and see the change within a few weeks. You can also lighten dark elbows and dark circles with this amazing ingredient! * This is a sponsored post for Oriflame